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NCLB Outrages

Hillary on Education

Ohanian Comment: Note that Hillary still insists that funding is the problem with NCLB. Note that she admits that what she wants is national standards, a goal of the Clinton administration. My book One Size Fits Few details the Clinton Standardisto record.

Also see Phi Delta Kappan article Goals 2000: What's in a Name?

Question: with the National Education Association, No Child Left Behind is a top priority. What will you do with the growing public backlash about NCLB.

Hillary: Education got one question in the CNN debate and doesn't get the emphasis it deserves. We have to admit NCLB became n unfunded mandate imposing rules and mandates without the promised resources. Breached the bargain we thought we were entering into. Bush has been incompetent in enforcing NCLB, even parts of the law that made sense have been rendered impotent.

I have been working on education reform since 1983 in Arkansas.

We should be tracking the progress of the individual children - so kids who move, we know where they are, if they are behind we can help, let's figure out how to marry technology to this so we can track, each year how well a child is growing and learning.

Need to track groups, but emphasis should be on individuals.

Lets move toward national accountability standards. Also reading and match are important but so is science, etc. Kids are being deprived of a broad curriculum. Phys ed gone, now obeisity a problem, for example.

We have to get back to a diverse broad curriculum.

Best thing we can do is pre-kindergarten, to close achievement gap for kids with disadvantaged backgrounds.

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