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What Is George Miller Afraid of?

Question: Note paragraph one. Why doesn't George Miller want us talking to our own Congressional representatives? What are you afraid of, George?

Take a look at who contributed to George Miller's election war chest.

1. ESEA Draft to Be Open to All for Suggestions
In a precedent-setting move, the chair of the House Education & Labor Committee, U.S. Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., soon will release a “discussion draft” of his recommendations for the renewal of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), which we expect he will continue calling No Child Left Behind.

Miller’s intention is to stimulate discussion and elicit specific recommendations to his draft of the new ESEA.

He has told us he will only consider specific wording suggestions to keep or change or omit specific lines of text in this draft. Mr. Miller has also asked that persons who contact him praise specific parts of the draft that meet their approval. He says he wants input from every point of view: parents, teachers, students, administrators and the general public. He is also asking that you not share your suggestions on his draft with your own House member, because he believes if the discussion “gets political,” it will “blow up the process.”

Apart from Miller’s draft, we continue to urge you to contact your own House and Senate members with your concerns and suggestions for renewing this key federal education law.

While we do not as yet have his draft text, we will forward it to you just as soon as it becomes available.

Thus far, as a result of direct conversations with AASA, we know that Miller’s ideas are:

-Determine progress by means of multiple measure assessments;
-Establish a state data system;
-Standardize the graduation rate; and
-Standardize how attendance is taken by schools.

In addition, Miller’s staff indicates his draft will mandate states to conduct a needs assessment of the teachers serving in the state. Teacher training money will be allocated by the state to local districts. However, if you receive Title I funds, the money will have to be used to develop and support “teacher & principal centers.” Districts receiving this money must also conduct an “induction and mentoring process” for assisting teachers.

Again, this is all the information we have at the moment. We expect to receive Chairman Miller’s draft within the next week.

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