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NCLB Outrages

Anaheim Elementary Education Association Declaration 2007

This declaration, approved by the Anaheim teachers union, has been sent to George Miller and to the Anaheim-born member of Congress, Loretta Sanchez. In the words of one member, "We are going public, over 1,000 members strong, about how the NCLB law has devastated our curriculum, demoralized our teachers, and killed the love of learning in our students."


We, the educators of Anaheim City School District, have seen many changes to our curriculum and procedures since the inception of the No Child Left Behind Law of 2002. Soon this law will be up for reauthorization in Congress. In this declaration, we are resolved to make our views known about how the children of Anaheim would be educated to produce smart, responsible, happy, and creative citizens of the future. We declare that:

⢠Our students would be taught to think critically and problem solve. Rote memorization and teaching to the test would be used in moderation.

⢠Our curriculum would not be narrowed to reading and math instruction. It would be widened to include focused time in non-tested subjects such as history, health, art, music, drama, and the study of other cultures.

⢠Anaheim educators, keeping in mind that all students learn differently, would have the flexibility to use other resources to create appropriate instructional programs besides those in the adopted textbooks.

⢠Field trips would be abundant at each grade level to enrich the experiences of our students who would otherwise not be able to visit these sites.

⢠Class sizes would be maintained at a lower level, as research supports, so each student could receive equal and adequate attention from the classroom teacher.

⢠Multiple measures of assessment would be adopted as âbest practiceâ, beyond the California State Tests and the California English Language Development Test, when analyzing data that would place a student in a learning group.

⢠Growth models of assessment would be utilized to identify the instructional level of our students rather than the cohort model that is used to establish the Annual Yearly Progress of our schools.

⢠English language learners would be assessed at their English level rather than at their grade level. Current levels are ranked: Beginning, Early Intermediate, Intermediate, Early Advanced, and Advanced.

⢠Special education students would be tested at their identified ability level based on their own Individual Education Plan.

⢠Students would be tested for the knowledge they have gained in end-of-the-year tests, so teaching of the state standards would not have to be completed six or more weeks before instruction ends.

⢠Intervention programs would address the needs of all children, not only those that are borderline proficient according to the California State Tests.

⢠The Anaheim City School District would provide the necessary resources, interventions, and training for all employees to provide the best education for all the students of Anaheim City Schools.

Adopted by the Anaheim Elementary Education Association on September 17, 2007

— Anaheim Elementary Association


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