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Ohanian Comment: Please read Don Perl's message and act on his recommendation. Don heads the Coalition for Better Education in Colorado, a premier group in terms of grassroots activism. Watching this group grow from a handful to more than 600, watching them take on state government, watching them confront standardizing testing. . . has been a true inspiration.

We must heed their advice--and act on it.

Dear Colleagues and hermanos de confianza,

I listened to the programming on KCFR - 1340 AM radio yesterday morning. I heard all the administrators from the commissioner of education to the principal of a school in Pueblo. I listened to Lori Shepherd, the dean of the School of Education at the University of Denver, and I heard all of them talk about the importance of standards and accountability. They did not address the nightmarish consequences of "high stakes." Only Angela Engel, parent, scholar and activist, brought reality to the table and talked about the "Through the Looking Glass" world we live in where students are serving the schools. In a word, Angela said the conversation should be about our children, not about standards. Even when the moderator asked her, "Isn't there base information that everyone should know?" Angela intelligently responded with, "NO, every child is different." (Please see Susan Ohanian's post of the day-- for verification of the horrors of expecting every child to know the same thing.) I urge everyone to write in to the link below, and I encourage you to write about the importance of an extended discussion of the horrid consequences of the high stakes component of this misery known as standardization:

— Don Perl


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