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NCLB Outrages

When Childhood Collides: New Ohanian book --just what we need RIGHT NOW

by Stephen Krashen

I have just received, and read, Ohanian's When Childhood Collides with NCLB. It is the kind of book that you read immediately, and easily. It provides an incredible amount of ammunition, at just the time we need it.

It is an amazing collection of:

Stupid test items:
(The Virginia Department of Education asks fifth graders: Which of these belong to the kingdom of Monera?
a) ferns, b) mosses, c) mushrooms, d) bacteria
(p. 78)

Relevant philosophy:
"A time comes when silence is betrayal."
(Martin Luther King, p. 76)

"For those of you who are intimidated or threatened by NCLB, the world is actually going to become worse as we go along. I mean to say, more demanding."
(Sandy Kress, p. 77)

They say the public school system is too broken to fix. And just to make sure it stays broken, they passed the No Child Left Behind NCLB) act..."
(Thom Hartman, p. 50)

Incredible statements:
"NCLB is really about local control."
(George W. Bush,p. 8.)

Reasonable suggestions:
"If you want to begin to know
A teacher's proficiency
Take a look at her
(Susan Ohanian, p. 66)

Learn about the four year old child sent to a Sylvan Learning Center because he was behind on scissor skills (p. 29-30), get advice on what to do when children vomit on a test (p. 60), and read my only published poem (p. 62).

Susan Ohanian, When Childhood Collides with NCLB
Published by Vermont Society for the Study of Education

To order: Price: $8.95, this includes postage.
Checks to Susan Ohanian
The price is rock-bottom. No author royalty.

Send to: Susan Ohanian
P. O. Box 26
Charlotte, VT 05445

— Stephen Krashen
Discussion Group for Organizational Alternatives for ELL Research and Advocacy


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