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NCLB Outrages

It's gone WAY beyond resisting. . .

by Peg Oliver

It's gone WAY beyond "resisting." The Bush administration Dept. of (literally, NO) Education will not stop until it has ruined the lives of as many as possible of America's valuable, multi-talented students -- saving only those naturally-talented in reading and math. All others, especially in the states, like Texas, with the most minorities, are just out of luck!

When NCLB is "deconstructed," it will all hit the fan!

The next president (who evidently doesn't have the slightest idea of what NCLB is doing across the country -- will, of course, inherit this terrible, dangerous mess!

I find that overeachievers, the naturally math-and-reading talented (most of U.S. Congress and Texas Senators and Representatives really believe the lie that "anyone can learn anything ...at any level!"

They obviously have no idea of "natural talents" (Gifts from God, inherited, quirks of the brain), which help define us, motivate us.

Everyone possible MUST assure the "non-graduates," the "kept-backs," that they are valuable; we need every one of their talents, We must encourage them to work on their talents. Undereducated parents must not blame themselves or the schools.

The states with the most minorities have carelessly (carefully?) avoided educating (normally), training (practically), and informing ALL of their adults, "roots" of the communities, of their families' economy, stability, health, well-being, confidence, of their own real (not coerced) parental involvement.

Children from educated parents, if they live in the poor communities in Texas, for example, are hurt, equally, but their parents may be able to encourage them more successfully.

I understand the desire to support the teachers, but I think it's safe to say, "If we lose the children, the young people, we've lost everything!"

A "descriptor" of NCLB: "In American, no child should be left behind. Every child should be educated to HIS OR HER FULL POTENTIAL."

But not one word of the law, from Pres. Bush, from Margaret Spellings, echoes that fine thought. ALL "accountability" and "transparency" are on the backs of the schools.

We CANNOT allow this to ruin -- to doom -- our once-beloved country and our valuable people!

You can look me up at Margarita (Peg) Thompson Oliver, Lawrence Publications"

— Peg Oliver


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