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NCLB Outrages

Letter to Doug Christensen

Don Perl Comment (echoed by Susan Ohanian): Lynn deserves great credit for his perseverance and for the hope that he embodies in his book, Educating for Human Greatness. You also can order copies of Lynn's book, read it (24 pages) and be inspired to pass it on. Or even better, order several copies and distribute to colleagues. This would be wonderful for the movement to dismantle NCLB.

Educating for Human Greatness
PO Box 582
Farmington, UT 84025.

You can call Lynn at 801-451-2554 or write to him at lstrd@yahoo.com for more details. I have several copies of Lynn's book, and it is clear, simple and inspirational as well. It's an integral part of the movement.

Dear Doug,

I read in EDUCATION WEEK, with great interest and dismay about the demise of STARS and the establishment of a statewide uniform testing system in Nebraska --- and of your disappointment with what is happening. I wrote to you earlier of my disappointment of you leaving your post as Commissioner. As I read between the lines, it looks like there is a gigantic conspiracy to destroy public education in Nebraska, as well as in other states. Nebraska may have been the last stronghold against this destruction. If I may be so bold as to say it, I believe Satan is working his evil purposes through the public school systems of this country. The push for standardized assessment is evidence that our culture has lost sight of the main purpose of education.

It's hard for me to believe that the teachers of Nebraska will take this latest development lying down. On the other hand, I can see teachers all over the country meekly submitting to the horrible NCLB act. Teachers apparently do not have the backbone and integrity to stand up for the needs of children. Perhaps teachers have not openly rebelled against this terrible law because they did not have a good alternative to offer.

Is there nothing that can be done to stop this unfortunate development in Nebraska? Can we not mobilize those who care enough to stand up for what is true and right? Is there not a Rosa Parks somewhere who can reverse the trend? Doug, perhaps it is you, even though you have decided to change your position. Can we prevail upon Jess Wolf and Mr. Meyer of the state school board to refuse to submit to this bad decision to employ standardized testing? If you will give me their email addresses I would like to send them the same message that I sent yesterday to members of the Utah State Board of Education. We need to help them understand that bad things happen when we have the wrong goal for public education. We need to let them know that there is a reform plan developed by teachers that can be used to replace NCLB and change what we assess. Please don't give up the fight to restore dignity to educators. We must refuse to let evil, or ignorant people take over the public school system.

Pasted below is a copy of the letter I would like to share with Jess Wolf, Mr. Meyer and every teacher in Nebraska. Can you help me do it? If there is another reform plan developed by educators that we should make them aware of? If so, let's do it, but at least give teachers some hope that there may be some light on the Horizon and that they don't have to blindly submit to destructive policies. Here is the letter. If you share it with all the teachers in Nebraska, something good will surely happen:

Dear Educator,
You are invited to help with a campaign to: (1) Rid our society of the destructive No Child Left Behind Law that was created by politicians and corporate executives, and (2) Replace it with a reform plan that was created by educators.

The 24-page plan, "Educating for Human Greatness," is a framework that schools and communities can use to redesign their own systems of education. It was compiled by long-time educator, Lynn Stoddard, after he collaborated with two groups of teachers who interviewed parents to learn of their priorities for the education or their children. The main goal and purpose of the plan is to: Develop great human beings to be contributors, not burdens, to society. With this goal, teachers and parents do not try to standardize students, but unite to help children discover and develop their unique talents, gifts, and interests -- and grow in seven dimensions of human greatness: Identity, Inquiry, Interaction (includes literacy), Initiative, Imagination, Intuition and Integrity. With this focus âEvery Child Can Excel.â There is no âachievement gap.â Students learn basic skills faster and better.

Inherent in the plan is a strong invitation and motivation for students to find satisfaction and fulfillment in using their unique gifts, talents, abilities and knowledge to contribute to their homes, school, community and country.

This plan also begins a process of developing public school teaching into a profession whereby teachers can rise above their traditional role as deliverers of a preset, limited and often stagnant curriculum. Teachers become accountable for nurturing student inquiry, identity, interaction and other forms of "greatness."

If you want to help replace NCLB with a reform plan that focuses on the development of individual greatness, you can do two things: (1) Forward this message to everyone on your email list. Even if you don't do step two, this will alert people that there is an alternative reform plan available. (2) Buy copies of the plan to share with teachers, neighbors, school board members, lawmakers and others who care about the future of our country and ask them to do the same.

EDUCATING FOR HUMAN GREATNESS ⦠$3.00 Discounts available for quantity orders. Send checks to Education for Greatness, P.O.Box 582 , Farmington, UT 84025 (Other contact -- (801) 451-2554 or lstrd@yahoo.com)

— Lynn Stoddard
Education for Greatness


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