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On a National Day of Teacher Conscience

Ohanian Comment: Jim Horn posted this over a year ago over on Schools Matter. Please read it. And then tomorrow, take it into your faculty room, faculty meeting, and any other place where people receive money for teaching students AND READ IT OUT LOUD.

When you finish reading, count how many are still in the room.

I've been harping on this Code of Ethics thing for quite a while. There is power here, if teachers would only believe it. And stand by it. And thereby force the politicos to stand by it. Take a look here. Can you fail to act on this?

by Jim Horn

In an America I never knew that I could know, teachers quiver and quake for their jobs as national policymakers demand of them actions that, in fact, assure the destruction of children, of public schools, of their own profession. They cower in teacher rooms and whisper about getting fired for signing a petition that calls for the repeal of the Big Lie, No Child Left Behind. They move from class to class with their idiotic slides and "dittos" and mastery motivational talks provided by the testing/textbook company chosen for its willingness to pay the most to get the business. They angrily proclaim over lunch how they have learned years ago to keep their mouths shut and to do what they are asked to do (anger is always the self-selected moral choice when cowardice is the only perceived alternative).

They grind from one school day to the next, cajoling and saluting and marching their children along shiny hallways like prisoners at the correctional facility. They are preoccupied by the bonus pay they could earn from higher test scores, as they shop the real estate ads for an affordable gated community carved into some barren red hillside in South Carolina, a place where they may retire in peaceful repose, knowing they served well--knowing that the next generation will be in good hands.

What will you do on a National Day of Teacher Conscience? Go the Walmart? Walk out? Stand up for the Code of Ethics that your professional organization has apparently forgotten they adopted?

— Jim Horn
Schools Matter


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