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Leave My Child Behind

Ohanian Comment: It is beyond reason, compassion, or sanity that the State should insist on testing this child. Her father asks some very good questions. Visit the website at the url below.

You will find a video clip from ABC news, which lead with a story about Craig and his daughter. As Craig notes, the state offered a misleading account of their testing rationale. Surprise. Surprise.

by Craig Haller

Some children should not be tested
No Child Left Behind is WRONG!

My daughter is severely disabled. She is non-verbal, non-mobile and has an incredible personality. She cannot communicate a simple yes or no. She cannot signal where she hurts when in pain. She cannot inform you if she is hungry or tired. She is 15 years old. The state we live in demands that she be tested for her abilities in Math, English and more. Her math skills would be put to shame by Clever Hans the horse. Her English skills are greatly surpassed by Alex the parrot. And she does not come close to the communication of Washoe the signing chimp. This is not a reflection on her intelligence, knowledge or awareness, it is the statement that we do not know nor can we test what she does possess. Note that without the fantastic technologies he uses to communicate, Stephen Hawking would not be able to pass the exams either.

My daughter greatly surpasses Hans, Alex and Washoe in a myriad of wonderful and amazing ways, but alas, our state has no interest, and the No Child Left Behind legal quagmire could not care less.

What's my point?

* I DO NOT want her tested under the NCLB laws.

* I want to know if I violate the law and not allow her to be tested, will I be taken off to jail?

* Will the Department of Social Services take her from me?

* What does it mean to educate the severely disabled? Why try to measure it in inane ways?

* How do we modify the No Child Left Behind boondoggle?

* Why? Read my reasons on the "Why?" page.

— Craig Haller
Blog and ABC News


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