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Texas Reading First Initiative—2008 Leadership Summit

Ohanian Comment: I moan and even mourn frequently over work on this website done too quickly, littered with typos and little errors--and because the entries are so difficult to change once they are posted, I usually just move on, not even correcting the errors I see. I offer this confession as introduction to Jim Nelson's Leadership Summit address.

Readers of this site will remember Jim Nelson, but here's a recap: Jim Nelson, was appointed by then-governor George Bush as commissioner at the Texas Education Authority from 1999 to 2002, where he oversaw the development of the state's new accountability test, Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS). Nelson then served as senior vice president of Voyager Expanded Learning amd chaired the discredited Education Leaders Council, a Washington education-reform group that backed the No Child Left Behind legislation.

In 2003 President Bush sent Nelson to Iraq to lead an "education reform team during the rebuilding of Iraq." The Dallas Morning News referred to this as throwing "in a little American-style standards-based reform."

Apparently, Nelson did not want to bring all this baggage when he went to his new position at AVID (Advancement Via Individual Achievement) in 2006. There, he identifies himself as "Former Superintendent, Richardson ISD, Richardson, Texas."

Below is the url for a pdf file of Nelson's soundbites intended as inspiration in a speech to inspire great leaders. WARNING: Don't attempt to watch this alone. You should be under supervision.

Also note that Nelson was not alone but just one speaker among a large crew of people trying to preserve the money in Reading First. Operations lke this are going on across the country, consultants trying to save their bacon. Your so-called professional organizations are in this endavor of trying to make a pig's ear look like a silk purse up to their eyeballs. Follow the money.

You can see the program complete with hot links to the presentations.

Texas Reading First Initiative--2008 Leadership Summit: Navigating With Purpose: Continuing Your Journey to Success

by Jim Nelson, Executive Director, AVID Center
Note: Jim Nelson renders this little thought for the day in HUGE letters occupying one full screen in a PowerPoint presentation.

What Does the
Highest Levels of
Leadership Look Like?

— Jim Nelson


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