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NCLB Outrages

Fixing the Blame on Student Violence

Wednesday, October 22
12:00 ΓΆ€“ 4:00 pm
Eyes Wide Open and Children Left Behind

Federal Plaza
Jackson and Dearborn

The Eyes Wide Open exhibit will be displayed in Federal Plaza with a new feature exhibit called Children Left Behind. Alongside the boots and shoes representing Iraq War casualties, mock classrooms will be set up with backpacks and chairs representing Chicago Public Schools students killed in the violence in the city. Connecting the different aspects of our culture of violence, this exhibit will culminate in a press conference at 4:00pm featuring Chicago Public School students.

Contact Darlene Gramigna for more information: 312.427.2533 or dgramigna@afsc.org.

George N. Schmidt, Editor Substance, Comment:

I object to AFSC and others linking the Chicago Public Schools with the
deaths of Chicago children, through Eyes Wide Open or other projects. It's a
bullshit thing.

Here is why.

By encouraging the youth violence issue to become a "CPS" story, Mayor Daley
and those around him have deflected public scrutiny away from the fact that
Chicago has created one of the most dangerous cities on earth (including those
cities in the war zones) for young people. The reason for Chicago is the drug
gangs -- not Chicago's public schools. Chicago's drug gangs are responsible for
the majority of murdered children and teenagers in Chicago -- not Chicago's
public schools! And the drug gangs have gotten enormous political power in
Chicago (not just criminal power; political power) because, in about half of the
city's 50 wards, they are an integral part of the Richard M. Daley machine.

Richard M. Daley has been in charge of law enforcement for Chicago for more
than a quarter century (first as Cook County State's Attorney; since 1991 as
Mayor). He has allowed (or, in some cases, encouraged) the drug gangs to
proliferate. At the County level (especially in Cook County and at Cook County Jail
and the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center), the drug gangs are junior
partners in the day-to-day operations of the facilities. At the Illinois state
level, as everyone familiar with it knows, the drug gangs operate as
sub-contractors within the Illinois prison system.

For any group, no matter how sincere, to facilitate this Big Lie is wrong.

Those who are sponsoring this event are wrong.

CPS is not and should not be the focus of the story about kids and teenagers
who are being murdered in Chicago. Executive Power in Chicago is at City Hall,
which has and will continue to profit from Chicago's massive drug gangs. By
going along with the narrative that lists "dead CPS students" everyone who is
sponsoring and encouraging this event is assisting in that Big Lie. And in many
cases, you know better.

A second story on the same theme--in Detroit.

Conyers to push school violence resolution in wake of Henry Ford school shooting

by David Josar / The Detroit News

DETROIT -- City Council President Monica Conyers this morning said she is ready to re-introduce a resolution forcing the Police Department to implement a "school violence response plan" in the wake of a shooting Thursday near Henry Ford High School that killed one teenager and wounded three.

"This violence must stop," Conyers said at a press conference in City Hall. She said she is planning to visit later in the day with the family of the slain student, Christopher Walker, 16.

Conyers wants Detroit Public Schools officials and Police Chief James Barren to come up with a plan so if there is another outbreak of violence, students and teachers will know where to go for protection.

"Everyone should know what to do," said Conyers, a Henry Ford graduate. "Everyone doesn't have to stand there and wait until they shoot everyone."

Conyers also suggested the police department send more "gang squad" units into the schools.
"We need our students to feel safe," she said. "If they don't feel safe, their parents are going to send them to a school district where they are safe."

She said the resolution, which failed last year, could be on Tuesday's council agenda.
Walker and a group of children were walking from the school near Evergreen and Pembroke when they were fired at by assault rifle.
Three teens, including a 16-year-old Henry Ford student, were in custody late Thursday, police said.

Last week, the school postponed a football game with Renaissance High School because of a brawl. Police officers formed a ring around the field when the game was played Saturday morning.

Reader's Comment:

The problem of youth violence is not originating inside DPS and going out from there. The problem is the drug gangs outside the schools, coming in. The drug gangs in Detroit, like Chicago, hold considerable power---via money and the many forms of allegiance that keep them afloat. The police and the drug gangs are, in many cases, one and the same. The money from the drug gangs works its way right into the city council and the hands of all the elected officials. What to do? Armed decent citizens need to settle this problem on their own....a Detroit solution that fits.

— George N. Schmidt, David Josar, & Detroit News Reader
Detroit News and Press Release
I object to AFSC and others linking the Chicago Public Schools with the


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