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NCLB Outrages

Educators Comment on Race to the Top

These excellent comments appeared in response to an Education Week article 'Race to Top' Viewed as Template for a New ESEA.

40+ year Educator wrote:
This model won't help. It's flawed.

In the lowest performing schools, the problem is POVERTY. So, is this country going to punish kids of poverty even more just because they are poor?

Stephen Krashen wrote:
$3 billion to "turn around" the worst 5000 schools: Marilyn Langlois has pointed out that there will always be a bottom 5000, even if all schools in the US improve their test scores dramatically. Great news for entrepreneurs who want to go into the turn-around business: You will always have 5000 potential customers.
1/4/2010 2:49 PM EST on EdWeek
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Stephen Krashen wrote
"Under Race to the Top, states can get up to 10 extra points for working with other states to develop and implement common tests."

This article makes it clear that new ESEA will mean more testing than we have ever seen before. Duncan has made it clear that national standards will mean national tests, not just summative testing but also interim testing.

Note that the article says that ESEA could include "more of an emphasis on so-called formative tests": This means they will hijack the term "formative" testing, changing it from local teacher-made assessments that are part of instruction to commercial tests that "prepare" students for standardized summative tests.

The last thing American education needs is more testing.

chemtchr wrote:
Oh, look. They're trying to rebrand NCLB II as "the new ESEA", because it has been exposed as a scam and people hate it. It does no good to argue that the testing industry doesn't test real learning outcomes, because they are a business association, and they are interested only in marketing strategies like legislative mandates to force states to consume their bogus "services".

"Formative assessment" is a tax-dollar pit, backed by data-management corporations. Again, the goal is state-mandated and tax-supported "services" to support meaningless, hot air statistical analyses with no educational value at all. Let's not get suckered into their smokescreen arguments - watch the other hand. It's in your wallet.

This is still a democracy, and "Democrats for Ed Reform" doesn't get to dictate our education policy through the corrupt, leveraged political machinations of industry lobbyists. It is the congress which will legislate any NCLB II, so let's get busy and stop this crooked agenda from being forced on our school systems.

— Three Educators
Education Week


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