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RACE TO THE TOP Phase 1 Final Results

Some states did not compete. Not competing in Round 1 are: Alaska, Maine, Maryland, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Texas, Vermont, Washington. Some figured they had no chance in Round 1 and they'd sit it out until Round 2. Others objected to the Common Core standards provision.

NOTE: According to The Washington Post, Delaware has a new state law that bars educators from receiving "effective" ratings unless their students demonstrate satisfactory levels of growth.

Who will willingly teach children with severe difficulties?

US Department of Education

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced today that Delaware and Tennessee have won grants in the first phase of the Race to the Top competition.

Delaware will receive approximately $100 million and Tennessee $500 million to implement their comprehensive school reform plans over the next four years. As with any federal grant program, budgets will be finalized after discussions between the grantees and the Department, and the money will be distributed over time as the grantees meet established benchmarks.

The U.S. Department of Education will have about $3.4 billion available for the second phase of the Race to the Top competition.

Here are the state ranks and the final scores.

Alabama 37: 291.2
Arizona 40: 240.2
Arkansas 17: 394.4
California 27: 336.8
Colorado 14 409.6:
Connecticut 25: 344.6
Delaware 1 454.6:
District Of Columbia 16: 402.4
Florida 4: 431.4
Georgia 3: 433.6
Hawaii 22: 364.6
Idaho 28: 331.0
Illinois 5: 423.8
Indiana 23: 355.6
Iowa 24: 346.0
Kansas 29: 329.6
Kentucky 9: 418.8
Louisiana 11: 418.2
Massachusetts 13: 411.4
Michigan 21: 366.2
Minnesota 20: 375.0
Missouri 33: 301.4
Nebraska 39: 247.4
New Hampshire 38: 271.2
New Jersey 18: 387.0
New Mexico 30: 325.2
New York 15: 408.6
North Carolina 12: 414.0
Ohio 10: 418.6
Oklahoma 34: 294.6
Oregon 35: 292.6
Pennsylvania 7: 420.0
Rhode Island 8: 419.0
South Carolina 6: 423.2
South Dakota 41: 135.8
Tennessee 2: 444.2
Utah 19: 379.4
Virginia 31 324.8
West Virginia 36: 292.4
Wisconsin 26: 341.2
Wyoming 32: 318.6

— Press Release
US Department of Education


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