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A Lame Defense of James Joyce for 8th Graders is Handily Rebutted

Comments from Undernews (precipitated by

Public Education: Rotten to the Common Core.

Anonymous said...

Mocking Portrait of the Artist from the point of view of the average 8th grader is a spurious approach. It is quite clearly labeled as a work for advanced 8th graders. There is a big difference. Challenging our advanced students with true masterpieces is an excellent idea. Reilly and Ohanian need to grow up.

Anonymous said...

No, anonymouse, YOU need to buy a vowel and spell c-l-u-e...

1. although there are certainly a number of well-deserved shots at Joyce, their POINT was it is too advanced to serve as a useful tool for teaching 99.9999999% of 7th-8th-9th graders...
(and even MANY college students)

2. EVEN GIVEN that Joyce (or another) is an appropriate selection, the whole 'purpose' (the "essential question") is pure, total, academic bullshit; and has little to ZERO relation to what middle schoolers are learning...

3. You just don't get it: school is NOT some relaxing interlude to lay about reading books of one's choice and endlessly debating obscure literary theories (that are more or less bullshit, anyway); they have almost ZERO time for actual reading: it is ALL about TEACHING TO THE TEST ! ! !

(My spousal unit is a teacher, and they are literally banned from using that phrase, even though EVERYONE knows that is what is happening...)

Don't you get it yet ? ? ?

These anti-learning abominations called NCLB, etc, foisted off on public schools (for *some* reason private/charter schools do NOT have to do any where near the same bullshit) are DESTROYING 'learning' and 'teaching'...

Which is what their opponents WANT TO HAVE HAPPEN, so their pet (and profitable) charter schools can take over...
(shedding the low performers as they need to make the grade...)
when/if they tie the teacher's salary to test scores, it will only get WORSE, not 'better'...

(The whole 'goal' is perverted as it is: we are turning out stupid, test-dependent cogs who don't know how to THINK and REASON...)

But EVERYONE -from test makers on down to test takers- are learning how to game the system, cheat, and otherwise continue this intellectual ponzi scheme of no worth to society...

art guerrilla
aka ann archy

— Anonymous and Ann Archy


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