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What Qualifies for Merit Pay?

Ohanian Comment: This is from an Indiana male blogger who retired after 35 years of teaching and whose favorite books include:
* Foundation Series
* The Ugly Little Boy
* Nightfall
* Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
* James and the Giant Peach
* The BFG
* Harry Potter series
* The Lord of the Rings
* Ramona Series
* Stone Fox
* Eragon
* Tuck Everlasting
* Charlotte's Web
* Jonathan Kozol
* Gerald Bracey
* Susan Ohanian
* Richard Allington
* Bill Bryson
* Shel Silverstein
* Robert Heinlein
* Deborah Tannen
* Carl Sagan
* Alfie Kohn
* C.S. Lewis
* Marie Clay
* Edward Hallowell

Ha. I decided to include the list after I read the first half dozen titles. Imagine my delight when I read on!

by Stu

During the last legislative session the Indiana legislature has increased the pressure on teachers. Public education and public school teachers in Indiana will have to deal with the loss of some collective bargaining rights, merit pay based on student test (ISTEP) scores, more charter schools, a private school voucher system, and the requirement that teachers be trained in certain medical procedures, among other things...

The following letter to the editor appeared in the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette on May 4, 2011.

"In light of the legislation requiring public school teachers to be certified in CPR, the use of defibrillators, the Heimlich maneuver, etc., this is what I would like to know: If a student has a heart attack in my classroom and I revive the student, but the student doesn't pass ISTEP, can I still qualify for merit pay?"

-- George Peterson, Fort Wayne

My follow-up question is: When will we expect to see legislation requiring that doctors receive training in educational topics?


— Stu
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