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Back to School Guide: Reclaiming Your Child’s Education

Ohanian Comment: Kelli Provost has provided a good survey on what parents, students, and teachers are doing across the country to defy state standardized tests. Learn more by joining the Facebook group Opt Out of State Test: The National Movement. And for excellent state-by-state information see United Opt Out National.

There's a critical omission: One of the first--and most innovative--groups to organize against state standardized testing is "a href="http://www.thecbe.org"> The Coalition for Better Educationin Colorado. They have bumper stickers, sample opt out brochures and letters in English and Spanish on their site and before standardized testing every year organize a campaign to erect billboards informing parents of their right to opt out of testing. They have also advertised parent rights to opt out at bus stops.

Incidentally, one of the CBE leaders, Don Perl, was, to my knowledge, the first teacher in the country to refuse to administer the state to his 8th grade students.

Here are several sample opt out letters

Also Note: Your State needs 95% participation for the tests to be valid. So if you can round up just 6% of parents to opt their children out, we win.

It's time to remember Dick Allington's excellent idea, presented at the NCTE convention in Nashville. Dick said that every teacher should look at the state code of professional ethics in her/his state. Then, when asked to read a script, DIBEL a child, or give an abusive test, teachers should insist, "Tell me in writing that I must violate this state code of ethics." This is a profound thing for teachers to do.

Most states have these codes of ethics listed at the DOE site. TELL ME IN WRITING can become an important first step in taking back our profession--and refusing to give the tests.

By Kerri Provost

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— Kerri Provost
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