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NCLB Outrages

Forget Bin Laden; Get the Teachers

Here's a pop quiz for educators in Kentucky:

What do al-Qaida and the National Education Association have in common? Do you give up?

The answer: Both have been labeled "terrorist organizations" by the Bush administration.

That's right, on Feb. 23, in a private meeting with the nation's Republican governors, National Education Secretary Rod Paige called the nation's largest teachers union, NEA, a terrorist organization.

Quick, let's raise the terror alert level to orange, now that we know who the terrorists are and where they reside: right here in Georgetown, along with every other town in America!

What, you may ask, have the teachers who belong to this organization done to deserve this distinction?

The answer to that is really pretty simple:

The NEA dared to take issue with the Bush administration on the mandates imposed by the No Child Left Behind Act.

In what has become a routine response by the administration to anyone or any group that dares to disagree with the its policies, the administration attacked the NEA and the teachers who belong to the organization.

The catalyst for the latest salvo fired by these thin-skinned Republicans was the announcement by the NEA that it intended to file a lawsuit to force the federal government to pay for the unfunded financial mandates imposed by the federal legislation.

In response to this attack, Reg Weaver, NEA president, denounced Paige's comments as "pathetic" and asked Bush to fire Paige.

If recent history is an indicator of this administration's actions, Weaver will likely be arrested and sent to Gitmo, where he will be held permanently without access to an attorney, or without charges being filed against him.

Or perhaps he will be sent to Mars, along with the former aide to the president who dared write a book revealing some of the president's missteps since taking office.

Boy, am I glad to know we have finally identified these terrorists!

Any day now, you can expect a news conference to be held so our secretary of defense can announce he has finally figured out where the weapons of mass destruction went.

They must have been secreted out of Iraq and into the Scott County Board of Education's administrative offices.

And, with so many local boards of education around the nation, no wonder it has been so easy to hide these horrendous weapons.

Just think how easy, given all the lockers in our public schools.

Where is former top weapons inspector David Kay when we need him?

Now, here's the final pop quiz for all you educators:

Why would any of you even ponder the possibility of voting for George W. Bush?

Bob Leonard of Georgetown is a retired state employee.

— Bob Leonard


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