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NCLB Outrages

The Business Roundtable Takes On Critics of NCLB

Ohanian Comment: The Business Roundtable calls it Dispelling the Myths. For full color/pictorial effect, go to the url below.

Isn't it interesting that this passage defending NCLB is written in the tone and style of a passage on a 4th grade McGraw Hill reading test?

Welcome to "No Child Left Behind: Dispelling the Myths," a new e-mail information service from the Business Roundtable. The Roundtable supports NCLB because it will help everychild to succeed in college, the workplace, and in life. NCLB isn't perfect, but misperceptions and inaccuracies are distorting the facts about it. These e-mails separate the myths from the reality. In each one, we'll call upon a character from ancient mythology to help deliver our message.

Meet Seth.
According to ancient Egyptian myth, Seth plotted to overthrow his brother, Osiris. Some say No Child Left Behind is a plot--but that's a myth, too.

Myth #1: NCLB is a right-wing plot to undermine public education.

REALITY: NCLB was passed with overwhelming bipartisan support from Democrats and Republicans. It strengthens public education by making sure every child is proficient in reading and math, closing achievement gaps, putting a qualified teacher into every classroom, and holding schools accountability. To read what 100 African American and Latino school superintendents say about NCLB, visit the Education Trust at
http://www2.edtrust.org/edtrust/ESEA, then click on "Don't Turn Back the Clock."

Next Week: Ymir, the famed giant of Norse mythology, makes a point about one-size-fits-all.

For more information, contact Susan Traiman, director, Education and Workforce Policy, at 202-872-1260, or visit www.businessroundtable.org

I agree with the Business Roundtable. I have been preaching for years that standards and testing and NCLB are not some right wing conspiracy. They are a conspiracy of corporate America. Stay tuned for the book.

Did you ever doubt that Education Trust and the Business Roundtable were in bed together?

The Business Roundtable


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