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The New Wave Democrats Don't Like Winerip

Ohanian Comment: Could this vitriolic attack on New York Times education columnist Michael Winerip by the Progessive Policy Institute, the new wave democrat policy wonks, in bed with the Democratic Leadership Council [their catchphrase is Defining the Third Way], be because Winerip has a heart as well as a brain? Could it be because he walks into a classroom and responds to a child's pain as well as a child's joy? Could it be because he doesn't waffle about good and evil? Truth in disclosure: the thugs at PPI attacked me a while back and now I'm delighted to be in such good company.

Here's how PPI describes itself:

The 21st Century Schools Project at the Progressive Policy Institute works to develop education policy and foster innovation to ensure that America's public schools are an engine of equal opportunity in the knowledge economy. Through research, publications and articles, a regular electronic newsletter, Eduwonk.com, and work with policymakers and practitioners, the Project supports initiatives to strengthen accountability, increase equity, improve teacher quality, and expand choice and innovation within public education.

Would you let someone operating an engine of equal opportunity in the knowledge economy near a kid you love?

from Eduwonk Progress Policy Institute's 21st Century Schools Project

Tendentiousness Watch: Meanwhile, Michael Winerip writes on small classes and good teachers but still can't bring himself to say anything positive about No Child Left Behind (hint: teacher quality matters even more than class size, which is why NCLB emphasizes it....) BTW--If the NYT is holding some sort of audition for Freedman for the education columnist slot, it seems to Eduwonk like a no-brainer even after only two weeks. He writes interesting stuff, is fun to read, and -- at least thus far -- has not revealed any ideological blindspot. If not Freedman, then someone please launch a bring back Rothstein drive!

— Edwonk.com
Progress Policy Institute's 21st Century Schools Project


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