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NCLB Outrages

No Child Left Behind: No Child Left: No Child

Can you hear the children crying, oh my brothers?

Subtle sobbing—soft as sweat upon the brow.

It’s the sound of an educational system dying,

In the name of testing and retesting even now.

Can you feel the solemn sadness of the children?

No laughter. Just information. Facts. Jam and cram.

Information now replaces education,

All for the sake of passing an exam.

Gone the joy of real teaching and real learning;

NCLB has killed both to the core;

All that’s left for children is the yearning

For someday, Art, maybe Music, maybe more.

Instead, they get tested and retested,

And they practice to be tested even more;

It’s the testing and school rating that seems to matter;

Higher, higher, higher must go the score!

Gone the days when the youngsters worked at staying

On task, because they liked it, it was fun, it intriqued; it was wild!

Gone the days when children worked at playing,

For play is the work of every child.

Now, there’s no time for thinking or for making;

There’s no time for clever creating;

There’s no time for investigating.

All there’s time for now is standardized regurgitating.

The very soul of learning is dying,

NCLB is sucking each child dry.

There’s nothing left to do, now, but the crying,

There’s nothing left to wonder over—only-- WHY?

— Georgia Hedrick, Reno, NV



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