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Group Formed to Defend NCLB

Ohanian Comment: As a reporter noted in an off-the-record comment, we should be flattered. There is now an NCLB website, a pro-NCLB website, and an anti-anti-NCLB website. Not to mention that each of the organizations below sends out lots of hosannas about NCLB.

We must be doing something to make them nervous.

The so-called Achievement Alliance these founding organizers:

Education Trust
Business Roundtable
Citizen's Commission on Civil Rights
National Alliance of Black School Educators
National Center for Educational Accountability/

Readers of Why Is Corporate America Bashing Public Schools? get an eyeful of the way attack vultures are embedded and intertwined in Education Trust, Business Roundtable, and JustforKids.

Karin Chenoweth writes on education issues for the Washington Post, and finds many ways to criticize teachers' work--and offer them advice from Reid Lyon and Chris Doherty, head of Reading First.

The Achievement Alliance


Contact: Karin Chenoweth
(202) 293-1217 x 402

September 29, 2004

New Organization Formed to Defend No Child Left Behind

In order to deepen public understanding of No Child Left Behind, organizations representing educators, civil-rights advocates, and business leaders joined together today to announce a new organization: The Achievement Alliance.

In its founding statement, The Achievement Alliance acknowledges that problems with implementation of No Child Left Behind exist. But those problems do not overshadow the fact that NCLB represents the best hope the nation has for raising the academic achievement of all children, particularly children from poor families, children of color, children learning English and children with disabilities. And the fact is that NCLB is working. State after state is reporting that in the last two years overall student achievement has inched up and achievement gaps have begun to close.

The organizations that joined together to create The Achievement Alliance have been concerned that a recent flurry of ill-informed attacks on No Child Left Behind could have the effect of undermining the broad bipartisan support for national school reform that NCLB represents. The Achievement Alliance has pledged to provide timely, accurate and nonpartisan information about student achievement and No Child Left Behind to policy makers, journalists and the public in the months to come.

The organizations that created The Achievement Alliance:
Citizens' Commission on Civil Rights
National Alliance of Black School Educators Just for the Kids/National Center for Educational Accountability
The Education Trust Business Roundtable

For more information, go to:
Or call:
Karin Chenoweth (202) 293-1217 x 402

— Achievement Alliance



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