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Predicting the Effect of Common Core STATE Standards on Student Achievement

Susan Notes:

Read at least Part 1 of the Brown Center Report How Well Are American Students Learning?

Despite all the money and effort devoted to developing the Common Core State Standards--not to mention the simmering controversy over their adoption in several states--the study foresees little to no impact on student learning. That conclusion is based on analyzing states' past experience with standards and examining several years of scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).

I don't mind that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has wasted hundreds of millions of dollars pushing the Common Core creation and implementation. I do mind that the Foundation isn't satisfied with dumping money but expects everybody obediently to march step behind. I mind that my US tax dollars have followed the Gates millions into this cesspool--and that our unions, our professional organizations, and our local politicos don't have the nerve to say the emperor has no clothes. And worse. Instead, they try to jump on the bandwagon. Truly their efforts are pitiful. And the damage to our children will be incalculable .

Of course it's no surprise that Education Sector rushes to the defense of the Common Core

Education Sector

Core Operating Support
Carnegie Corporation of New York
CityBridge Foundation
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
Rodel Foundation of Delaware
Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation

Project-Specific Support
The Broad Foundation
Carnegie Corporation of New York
The Annie E. Casey Foundation
Doris & Donald Fisher Fund
William T. Grant Foundation
The Joyce Foundation
KnowledgeWorks Foundation
Lumina Foundation for Education
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation
The Philanthropy Roundtable
Smith Richardson Foundation
The Spencer Foundation
Stuart Foundation
James Irvine Foundation
The Wallace Foundation

Below, find a small excerpt from the Loveless paper.

by Tom Loveless

. . . .A final word on what to expect in the
next few years as the development of assessments
tied to the Common Core unfolds. The debate is sure to grow in intensity. It is about big ideas--curriculum and federalism. Heated controversies about the best approaches to teaching reading and math have sprung up repeatedly over the past century.18 The proper role of the federal government, states, local districts, and schools in deciding key educational questions, especially in deciding what should be taught,remains a longstanding point of dispute. In addition, as NCLB illustrates, standards with real consequences are most popular when they are first proposed. Their popularity steadily declines from there, reaching a nadir when tests are given and consequences kick in. Just as the glow of consensus surrounding NCLB faded after a few years, cracks are now appearing in the wall of support for the Common Core.

Don't let the ferocity of the oncoming debate fool you. The empirical evidence suggests that the Common Core will have little effect on American students' achievement. The nation will have to look elsewhere for ways to improve its schools. . . .

18 Tom Loveless,ed. The great curriculum debate: how should we teach reading and math? Brookings 2002

— Tom Loveless
The 2012 Brown Center Report on American Education/Brookings


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