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Market Oriented Education Reforms' Rhetoric trumps Reality: The impacts of test-based teacher evaluations, school closures, and increased charter school access on student outcomes in Chicago, New Yor

Susan Notes:

This 95-page report has a short executive summary. but I recommend reading the whole thing.

From The Conclusion:

  • Reformers did not deliver on their promises

  • Reformers made false claims.

  • Reforms have caused real harm to some students.

  • Market-oriented reforms implemented in these cities are no match for the complex poverty-related problems they seek to solve.

  • These reforms should not serve as models for other districts.

  • And more. Go read the report!

    by Elaine Weiss and Don Long

    Table of Contents

    The "reformers" and their claims

    A brief synopsis of the evidence regarding core components of the reform agenda

    The reforms have not strengthened school systems in the three cities

    The reforms have not improved student outcomes

    The reforms have not saved money

    From the Executive Summary

    . . . Reformers assert that test-based teacher evaluation, increased school "choice" through expanded access to charter schools, and the closure of "failing" and underenrolled schools will boost falling student achievement and narrow longstanding race- and income-based achievement gaps. The 2010 documentary Waiting for Supermen presented these policies as sure fixes for education woes closely correlated with child poverty.

    This report from the Broader, Bolder aproach to Education examines these assertsions by assessing the impacts of these reforms in three large urban school districts: Washington, D. C., New York City, and Chicago. These districts were chosen for study because all enjoyed the benefit of mayoral control, produce reliable district-level test score data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), and were led by vocal proponents who implemented versions of this reform agenda. Indeed, former reform leaders in all three cities have become high-profile national proponents who disseminate the agenda across multiple districts and states.

    The report finds that the reforms delivered few benefits and in some cases harmed the students they purport to help. It also identifies a set of largely neglected policies with real promise to weaken the poverty-education link, if they receive some of the attention and resources now targeted to the touted reforms. . . .

    Go to the url below for link to this important report.

    — Elaine Weiss and Don Long
    Broader, Bolder Approach to Education


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