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    If I Walked

    November 24, 2006

    If I walked in the shoes of one of my students
    I would have to

    try to exist between at least three different worlds
    create a meaning from and through confusion
    filter through disjointed and unconnected meanings
    face the unknown in every minute
    risk self
    hold firmly onto myself
    organize towards goals I don't have context to understand
    wait for a me
    be tense and uncomfortable
    steal away and dance my own dance
    hope for a teacher to unlock the beauty
    navigate between my father mother grandparent auntie uncle and my school
    look down and assume a posture of submissiveness
    read bits of phonics that sound like counting in japanese
    hurl towards standards like a launched nuclear rocket
    accept a system run by adults lacking the ability to give me context
    rather than be the mission statement read one that says I am a "test"
    sometimes go hungry
    sometimes go alone
    sometimes be embarassed by who I am
    often regret who I am not

    If I had to walk in the shoes of my children I would become a better person.
    I would understand the way of children looking to us as teachers to make a better and fairer , more caring world.

    Can I walk in the shoes of my children as I work each day to teach them.....
    To be my children , to be in this position in our world,
    is to be the ultimate reflection on what our world values.
    These, our children, are our mirror holding firmly up to us who we really are.

    For them, let's be something with head and heart, soul and concern, and let's place doing ahead of testing...let's create meaning again.

    2006-12-10 06:31:28


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