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Superintendent Accused of Lying About Money. . . . When Will They Notice He Lied About Students?
Birmingham and state officials on Tuesday accused former Superintendent Johnny Brown of mismanaging the city school system and lying to hide its true financial shape.

They said Alabama's third-largest school district is just 14 months away from facing a $13 million deficit unless the system moves quickly to cut costs, which eventually m... [MORE]

— Charles J. Dean
news staff writer
Birmingham News
Brown Hid Financial Woes, Say Officials
July 31, 2002


Janice's Lesson


Monday evening, July 24, 2006

Just last week, I wandered into the WOO computer lab to greet our morning students and our beloved instructor, Jerome Beasley.

The lab was intensely quiet as youthful students were glued to their terminals. Each terminal was occupied by a student working i... [MORE]



A Closer Look at Teach For Americas Research
<span class="red"><b>By Anthony Cody:</b> Several weeks ago I posted a <a href="http://blogs.edweek.org/teachers/living-in-dialogue/2011/11/philip_kovacs_takes_on_tfa_in.html"> firsthand report from University of Alabama Huntsville assistant professor Philip Kovacs</a>, regarding his efforts to get ... [MORE]

Philip Kovacs


Hoover school bus advocates join with NAACP asking state, Justice Department to intervene
<br> <br><span class="red"> Hoover is a suburb of Birmingham, with an increasing minority population. Cancelling bus service in the school district is seen by many as a way to keep minority students out of the schools. <br> <br> Comments on this story are so ugly I can't reprint them here. <br> &l... [MORE]

— Jon Anderson

  Resisters' Letters  

By Steve Orel, the World of Opportunity
To the editor
Asking the Right Questions

Where are the missing funds? There is much ado about the missing monies, and rightfully so, at the Birmingham City School Board of Education.

There's something much more important than money: What about the missing children? Where are the 522 students who in my opinion, w... [MORE]

Birmingham News

  NCLB Atrocities  

Poverty is a burden on schools
<br><span class="red"> <b>Ohanian letter to the editor:</b> As someone who cares about the survival of public schools, which people find so easy to blame for everything from bad manners to a bad economy, I want to thank you for your strong, brave editorial "Poverty Is a Burden in the Schools." Please k... [MORE]

— Editorial
Decatur Daily

  NCLB News  

The Feds Change the Rules for Immigrant Students in Alabama

Yong Xiang Liang, a junior at Homewood High, must take the Alabama High School Exam to receive a diploma, even though he has lived in this country for only three months.

Until last week, his scores would also have been calculated with those of other immigrants this spring to determine whether his school had helped students with li... [MORE]

— Vicki McClure
Birmingham News
Schools get relief on test scores

  NCLB In Your Face  

A Modest Goal
... [MORE]

  Special Needs News  

Chris Dendy Offers Hope [if you or someone you love has ADHD]

Kay's Comment: I just finished reading Chris Dendy's book that she wrote with her son Alex Ziegler who has ADHD, and I just ordered her book on Teaching Teens with ADD and ADHD: A Quick Reference Guide for Teachers and Parents. Chris just edited a book, Educator's Manual on Attention- Defici... [MORE]

Cherokee County Herald

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