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When the Fox is in Charge of the Hen House
Every parent in the state wanted it to be true, especially Arizona schools chief Jaime Molera.

Molera sent out a press release crowing that in a study released Tuesday, the Princeton Review ranked the state fifth in the country for its AIMS assessment test. The state received mostly "A's" and "B's" for its efforts, including its program to aid... [MORE]

— Pat Kossan
The Arizona Republic
AIMS Rating Doesn't Pass Test
June 19, 2002


Misguided Reforms Won't Educate Poor Children
<br>One of the most difficult questions in all of philosophy, a question pondered by everyone from Plato to Dewey: "How should we best educate children?" has been solved. It is simply a matter of embarrassing those lazy school employees and making sure those teachers don?t think too much. <br> <br>Yes, all it takes is... [MORE]



Change and Continuity in Student Achievement from Grades 3 to 5: A Policy

Abstract In this article, we examine student performance on mandated tests in grades 3, 4, and 5 in one state. We focus on this interval, which we term “the fourth grade window,” based on our hypothesis that students in grade four are particularly vulnerable to decrements in achievement. The national focus on the third grade as the... [MORE]

Mary McCaslin, Heidi Legg Burross, Thomas L. Good
Jan. 2, 2004


Outsiders benefiting in charter deals
<br><span class="red"><a href="http://ed2worlds.blogspot.com/2012/11/may-i-have-envelope-please-and-pulitzer.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+EducationInTwoWorlds+%28Education+in+Two+Worlds%29"> Gene V. Glass Comment</a>:</b> <br> <br> May I Ha... [MORE]

— Anne Ryman
Arizina Republic

  Resisters' Letters  

By John Scudder
To the editor
In last Sunday’s Republic, there was a celebration of Scottsdale’s Sequoya Elementary for being a “good” school due to high expectations and high test scores. And while it sounds like the teachers at this school do great work educating their students through interesting, innovative methods--a look at the school’s location and population quickly r... [MORE]

Arizona Republic

  NCLB Atrocities  

Arizona Ads and Accommodations

George Sheridan spotted this item.

On the Arizona Republic's website, near the beginning of the story on states "lowering the bar" on their assessments to avoid negative
consequences under the federal law, is an inset box. Not a sidebar or a photo, the box contains RELATED ADVERTISING LINKS. O... [MORE]

— Maggie Galehouse
Arizona Republic
July 14, 2003

  NCLB News  

Some Schools Attack Illiteracy; Arizona School Uses Reading First Grant to Attack Literacy

Note: Is it possible that anyone--teacher or reporter--actually believes this that "Assessments will show educators how students learn and how they respond to the curriculum, month to month."

But the admission that the Reading First approach "attacks literacy" is right on target. So is the premise that the governm... [MORE]

— Katy Scott
staff writer
Arizona Republic
3-year grant will help Rainbow School boost reading levels
March 29, 2003

  NCLB In Your Face  

We've Got Faith-Based National Parks; Watch the Agenda on Schools
... [MORE]

  Special Needs News  

Special-ed Teacher Here Chosen for All-USA Team

Kay's Comment: Congratulations to Mary Hinson in AZ for being recognized for her good work with students with special needs! Her goal is to level the playing field for her students using assistive technology software. Her Principal compliments her on improving student test scores. Most importantly, he... [MORE]

— George B. Sanchez
Arizona Daily Star

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