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Voucher Students Return to What Feds Labeled Failing Schools
Mirroring a statewide trend, more than one in four voucher students in Miami-Dade County have returned to public schools since August -- a dramatic turnaround for a highly touted state program that pays for students from failing public schools to attend private ones. ... [MORE]

— Daniel A. Grech
Miami Herald
Many Reject Vouchers, Return To Public Schools
November 3, 2002


Voices of Dissent 4: Interview With Gloria Pipkin

"The opposition to high-stakes testing in Florida is the strongest it?s ever been. There is a considerable resistance throughout the state, and it?s growing."

In this interview, find out how Gloria Pipkin and her colleagues in Florida have organized teachers, parents, and concerned citizens into the Florida Coalition for Assessmen... [MORE]



Florida Investigates K12, Nation’s Largest Online Educator
<br><span class="red">This is a critical investigation. I would add that in a unique twist on ed reporting, I enrolled three imaginary children in K12, paying full fees, and then looked at the curriculum, examining every history lesson for grades K-2. Every lesson. I printed out the ugly coloring sheets, took the tests, and ... [MORE]

John O'Connor


Bill Gates spent a fortune to build it. Now a Florida school system is getting rid of it.
<br><b>Ohanian Comment:</b> In September, I provided some background on <a href="http://susanohanian.org/outrage_fetch.php?id=2028"> this debacle</a>. Unmentioned is what Gates was really after: The original proposal and a 2010 timeline called for the district to fire 5 percent of its teachers each year... [MORE]

— Valerie Strauss with Ohanian comment
Washington Post Answer Sheet

  Resisters' Letters  

By Jeb Bush, Florida Governor
To the editor

Your May 9 editorial, Political Demotion, correctly noted student performance in Florida is rising. However, it misstated facts related to the issue of social promotion in our school system.

The FCAT is a standardized achievement test. As such, it cannot "decide" to retain students. It is, however, the best tool we have to measure... [MORE]

St. Petersburg Times

  NCLB Atrocities  

NCLB Formula Unfairly Labels Improving Schools

Ohanian comment: Probably we won't be hearing Governor Bush complaining about President Bush's federal formula anytime soon. After all, the formula only hurts public schools, not politicians.

A new federal law gives more than 3,500 Duval County students the option of transferring to a different school this... [MORE]

— Laura Diamond
staff writer
Florida Times-Union
FCAT scores not good enough for feds
June 22, 2003

  NCLB News  

A Kindergarten Teacher Refuses to Participate in the Destruction of Childhood


MS. MacLEISH! Ms. MacLeish!" The door to Room 7 was still locked, but the kindergartners could not wait for the school day to begin. They were jumping up and down in the hallway, trying to peek through the high window and get Ms. MacLeish to let them in early.

From inside Room 7, Laurin MacLeish could see t... [MORE]

— Michael Winerip
NY Times
The Changes Unwelcome, a Model Teacher Moves On
May 28, 2003

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    No One Strategy Is Best For Teaching Reading, Professor Shows

    Kay's Comment: Although this research group's grant may have connections to the Bush family, the results of their research do not support any one reading program for all. "Connor's paper shows that lots of individualized instruction, combined with the use of diagnostic tools that help teachers match eac... [MORE]

    Science Daily News

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