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No Job Standards for Georgia State School Superintendent

Where in the world is Linda Schrenko?

The state school superintendent isn't scheduled to leave office until January, but her office sits virtually unused. Most recently, she has been off recovering from a face-lift.

Office staffers say they haven't seen Schrenko in more than a month, and her appointment calendar incl... [MORE]

— James Salzer
staff writer
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Schrenko drops out : Staffers say schools chief rarely darkens office door
Nov. 21, 2001


Education Reform: Standardized Testing: Questions Gone Wild Aren't the Answer

Here's the question: What change should be made to the phrase "stir it around" in the sentence below?

Put the rubber banded shirt in the dye and stir it around with an old stick.

a. stir it round and round

b. stir it about

c. stir it

d. stir it all over MORE]


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    Druid Hills Charter Cluster: Dig deep and it's a 'sieve of loopholes' that will exclude and harm some kids
    <br><span class="red"> <b>Reader Comment:</b> There was no absentee process for this vote. There was no early vote. There was only a 'figure a way to get yourself to Druid Hills High School in a 4-hour window or your voice doesn't matter' vote. <br> <br><b>Reader Comment:</b> The number ... [MORE]

    — Cindy Lutenbacher
    Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Get Schooled Blog

      Resisters' Letters  

    By Carl Glickman
    To the editor
    Gwinnett teacher deserves apology Congratulations to Jim Hope, who gives us optimism that the folly of single standardized tests for decisions about student promotion and graduation can be confronted ("Gateway Test foe cleared by court," Metro, Dec. 18). We need more unsung heroes such as Hope, educators and residents who are willing to stand... [MORE]

    Atlanta Journal-Constitution

      NCLB Atrocities  

    NCLB Scorekeeping Gets Uglier

    Ohanian Comment: So now they are identifying the one student who "caused" school to end up on the NCLB hit list. Next will kids have name tags?

    One special education student missing a math test.

    That's all it took to keep Renfroe Middle School in Decatur from meeting the goals of the federal No ... [MORE]

    — Dana Tofig
    Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    'Listed' schools: Some see stigma in numbers game
    August 7, 2003

      NCLB News  

    Atlanta J-C Asks What Exam Makers' History of Mistakes Will Mean with Enormity of Testing Under NCLB

    Some high school seniors in Minnesota couldn't graduate with their classmates.

    More than 8,000 students in New York City were improperly sent to summer school.

    Closer to home, nearly 600,000 Georgia students won't take the state's most important standardized test this year.

    Don't blame the students, the par... [MORE]

    — Dana Tofig
    staff writer
    Atlanta Journal-Constitution
    Exam's pressure not just on kids
    April 14, 2003

      NCLB In Your Face  

    Educator Files Complaint About Conflict of Interest
    ... [MORE]

      Special Needs News  

    Writing Test Scores Show Improvement But With Some Gap

    Kay's Comment: And once again the blame for the poor test scores falls on the shoulders of the English language learners and students with special needs. For once, I'd like to see test scores stated positively ...

    Teachers are expected to reach unattainable ... [MORE]

    — Lori Glenn
    The Moultrie Observer, GA

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