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Violation of Student Privacy

Lawyers for the Massachusetts American Civil Liberties Union are charging Boston public school officials with violating student privacy laws for using volunteers to reach out to parents of students in the class of 2003 who have failed the MCAS and may not graduate.

ACLU lawyer Sarah Wunsch filed a complaint with the US Department ... [MORE]

— Megan Tench
staff writer
Boston Globe
Student Privacy At Issue in Outreach
November 7, 2002


School Bullies

Parents and educators work tirelessly to stop bullying in schools across the nation. In Brookline, I believe that we do a very good job. Our schools are safe and our students feel that. However, there are bullies in education that never come to school. They stand in front of every school in our country and intimidate our students, staff, admi... [MORE]



What Can Student Drawings Tell Us About High-Stakes Testing in Massachusetts?

The paper is below, but you really need to go to this url--to see the student drawings:

to see the students' drawings--and commentary.

This stu... [MORE]

Anne Wheelock, Damian Bebell, and Walt Haney
September 2000


A hard lesson: change can come too fast
<br><Span class="red"><b>Ohanian Comment:</b> This story is a year old but it is so typical of "reform" that it's worth rereading. This Turnaround Principal is now Acting Chief School Improvement Officer for Montgomery County Public Schools. <br> <br>Look at the puff piece posted in 2011 a... [MORE]

— Andrea Estes and James Vaznis
Boston Globe

  Resisters' Letters  

By Bill Schecter
To the editor

ACCORDING to Paul Hoss (''No favor for special education students,'' letter, May 10), those who would defend special education students from
the MCAS exams are actually persecuting them.

Such is the topsy-turvy world of MCAS. However, not even the mantra of maintaining ''high
standards'' can obscure the fact that special... [MORE]

Boston Globe

  NCLB Atrocities  

Another Standardisto Editorial from the Boston Globe

Ohanian Note: You've been warned. Proceed at your own risk.

CAS PASSED the test. In the full decade since education reform became the dominant social initiative in Massachusetts, one persistent question has been whether the assessment system, threatening to deny a high school diploma to those who di... [MORE]

— editorial
Boston Globe
MCAS success
March 4, 2003

  NCLB News  

The Enemies of Our Enemies Definitely Aren't Our Friends, But We Can Still Rejoice When They Give NCLB Hell

Wednesday, March 26, 2003 - LOWELL From school district report cards to supplemental services, from underperforming schools to standardized testing, No Child Left Behind has become the elephant in the land of education-reform movements.

The law's intricacies, advantages and possible pitfalls as well as the impact it will have on Lo... [MORE]

— Susan McMahon
staff writer
Lowell (MASS) Sun
Parents hear about No Child Left Behind
March 26, 2003

  NCLB In Your Face  

School Reform and the Attack on Public Education
... [MORE]

  Special Needs News  

In Boston, special ed students find barrier to mainstream classes

Ohanian Comment: This is a very difficult issue and each case must be decided individually, figuring out what is best for the child. This sounds like a cliche, but it isn't. I fought this battle for years and have documented it in Caught in the Middle: Nonstandard Kids and a Killing Curriculum.

... [MORE]

— Tracy Jan
Boston Globe

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