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Parents Know a Good School Even if the Feds Don't

Diane Lenzi remembers the moment the federal government labeled her school a failure.

The Park Elementary School principal was sitting at her desk, her framed Principal of the Year award nearby, when her boss called and said parents would be given the option to take their children out of Park -- and the school system would bu... [MORE]

— Stephen Kiehl
staff writer
Baltimore Sun
School labeled a failure enjoys its great success
September 23, 2002


Goodbye teachers

An article in The (Annapolis, MD) Capital detailing the superintendent's ?zero-basing? plan
to remove 193 teachers and staff members from a local high school (that failed to make AYP for 4 consequtive years) should be every community's nightmare.

The situation facing the teachers and staff at AHS is an outrage. How can Dr. Ma... [MORE]


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    Montgomery County is paving the way for new school standards
    <br><span class="red"><b>Ohanian Comment:</b> So now watch a teacher play dumb and bow low over the new standards. First Gates funded the Common Core. Now we get the lessons to deliver the Common Core. This is moneybags version of incest. <br> <br>NOTE: Pearson is partnering with the... [MORE]

    — Michael Alison Chandler with extensive Ohanian notes
    Washington Post

      Resisters' Letters  

    By Sue Allison
    To: Superintendent William G. Erickson
    I am a mother in Lusby, MD -- and I just want to tell you that my heart is bursting with pride and admiration after reading about you today [Hampshire Regional chief sticks by awarding diplomas]. I just can't tell you how much your courage means to mothers all over the country. I am the coordinator of a group in Maryland called Marylanders Ag... [MORE]


      NCLB Atrocities  

    Confusion in Maryland Over Whether Special Needs Students Get Help on Test

    Defying Maryland orders, Baltimore County school officials told teachers that they should not read questions on this week's Maryland School Assessment tests to students with special needs who should have received that help under federal law.

    County school officials made the mistake after the Maryland State Department of Education ... [MORE]

    — Jonathan D. Rockoff
    staff writer
    Baltimore Sun
    Balto. Co. schools err in testing process
    March 6, 2003

      NCLB News  

    Montgomery County Maryland Insists Harcourt and McGraw Hill Know a Kid Better than the Teacher

    The Montgomery County school board gave unanimous approval yesterday to a plan that could radically change the way students are graded.

    The proposed policy, which will be out for public comment until final board action March 24, is aimed at removing some of the subjectivity from grading. It would move away from allowing teachers to... [MORE]

    — Brigid Schulte
    staff writer
    Washington Post
    No More A's For Effort Montgomery schools to change grading
    Jan. 15, 2003

      NCLB In Your Face  

    Letter to the Governor
    ... [MORE]

      Special Needs News  

    Special-Ed Changes To Get Trial Run

    Kay's Comment: Montgomery County Public School officials in MD are "robbing Peter to pay Paul" by reducing the number of special centers, increasing inclusion efforts, and supporting co-teaching in their efforts to improve performance under NCLB of students with special needs. These changes may ac... [MORE]

    — Daniel de Visse
    Washington Post Staff Writer


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