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Looking Good by Carefully Selecting Who Takes Test

SMITHFIELD -- Victoria Strickland, 17, has wanted to be a teacher "forever." Her favorite teachers, such as her social studies instructors at Smithfield-Selma Senior High, "really know their stuff." She hopes to go to community college, then transfer to a four-year school.

But according to the Johnston County Schools, she's not th... [MORE]

— Ellen Sung
staff writer
News & Observer
Some Steered from SAT
Nov. 18, 2002

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    What You Need to Know to Read a Newspaper Article

    Ohanian Comment: Okay, the news article below really ticked me off. It all seems so simple, so innocuous: the reporter interviews a 5th grader who will soon take a big test. Of course, that test determines whether he moves on to 6th grade.

    Based on Nick's remark that he and his classmates have been practicing wi... [MORE]

    Susan Ohanian


    North Carolina officials weigh benefits, costs of computers in classrooms
    <br><span class="red"><b>Ohanian Comment:</b> <br> <br>People should remember that these millions are public money. More than 16.50% of children under 18 in both Moore and Lee Counties live below the poverty line. If we truly believe in holistic education, then we should think about the total child ... [MORE]

    — Steve DeVane
    Fay Observer

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      It's Time to Leave "No Child" Behind
      <br><span class="red"> NCLB might have been "well-intenioned" by about half a dozen clueless people. The real ringleaders, the Business Roundtable and their corporatized politicos were ill-intentioned from the get-go.</span> <br> <br><b>editorial</b> <br> <br>No Child L... [MORE]

      — Editorial
      Jacksonville NC Daily News

        NCLB News  

      Many N.C. Schools Expect to Fall Short of New U.S. Standards

      Ohanian Comment: The reporter terms NCLB standard "rigorous"; there are a few other words that would apply. One could start with "punitive." Note who the "teacher" is who praises NCLB--someone who has moved into "an administrative role."

      Schools in the Triangle and across North Carolina have been bask... [MORE]

      — Todd Silberman
      Charlotte News & Observer
      Braced for Bad Marks
      Julyl 13, 2003

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      Schools' Quandary: Reading First Grant has strings
      ... [MORE]

        Special Needs News  

      Can't focus? Maybe it's multi-tasking, or maybe it's your brain

      Kay's Comment: A person with ADHD may have difficulty filtering out distractions and focusing his attention, but the same person may also be creative, sensitive, empathic, and energetic. Youngsters with ADHD may drive their teachers crazy, but they become quite successful when they find a work enviro... [MORE]

      — Susan Swartz
      NYT Regional Newspapers

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