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Bracey's Barrel of Golden Apples
Here's one of eight apples awarded:
The Get Thee to a Nunnery, Rick Mills Award goes to Jeanne Heifetz. Brooklyn mother and literature lover Heifetz discovered that State Education Commissioner Richard Mills, the New York Regents, and the New York Department of Education were following the great tradition of Thomas Bowdler, whose edited ... [MORE]

— Gerald W. Bracey
research psychologist and freelance writer
Phi Delta Kappan
The 12th Bracey Report On the Condition of Public Education
October 2002


The Kick-off of Parents as Partners Week: Who is David Coleman and why should we care?
<br><b>by NYC Parents</b> <br> <br>DOE officials are working hard, trying to persuade us that they now have a different attitude towards parents. Next week is called <a href="http://schools.nyc.gov/Offices/mediarelations/NewsandSpeeches/2011-2012/parentsaspartnersweekrelease101211.htm"> Parents as ... [MORE]



Study Raises Issues on Small High Schools

By David M. Herszenhorn

A study of some of New York City's new small high schools has found that they are succeeding in creating a more personalized atmosphere, but the study also identified several core weaknesses, including old-style teaching techniques similar to those in traditional schools.

The researchers also fo... [MORE]

David M. Herszenhorn
November 4, 2005


Gov. chief ed adviser’s firm major supplier to state ed
<br><b>Ohanian Comment:</b> Those interested in press failure to check facts should read the <a href="http://deadspin.com/did-new-clippers-ceo-dick-parsons-really-play-college-b-1579773293"> Deadspin article</a> on the claims made about Richard Parsons' basketball career at University of Hawaii. <br>... [MORE]

— Claude Solnik
Long Island Business News

  Resisters' Letters  

By Jennifer Wallner
To the editor
I was appalled to learn about plans to lay off 3,200 workers, the equivalent of 1,958 full-time positions, from the New York City school system (news article, April 9). This disregard for education is baffling. I will be entering the classroom as a first-year teacher next fall in one of the many high-needs schools in the city and am angered ... [MORE]

NY Times

  NCLB Atrocities  

In New York, NCLB Realities Collide with New Budget Reality

In Washington and Albany, lawmakers loudly insist that no child is to be left behind and mandate tough measures requiring schools to meet higher academic standards. But these mandates have collided with a new reality: Two-thirds of all states face budget gaps in the current year, with worse to come next year, and the federal government refuse... [MORE]

— Richard I Beattie
chairman of New Visions for Public Schools
New York Daily News
Bad to worse for city schools
March 30, 2003

  NCLB News  

In NY City, Views Differ About Aides in Classrooms
Comment: This is a disturbing story--mostly for how it reveals a good idea run amok with lack of training. Obviously, teachers as well as aides need to be trained to make the partnership work. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to have aides in our classrooms know that it can work very well.

When the New... [MORE]

— Abby Goodnough
staff writer
NY Times
Views Differ About Aides in Classrooms
May 19, 2003

  NCLB In Your Face  

An Open Letter to President George Bush
... [MORE]

  Special Needs News  

New Law Requires Insurance Coverage for Mental Ilness [NY]

Kay's Comment: Timothy's Law requires insurance companies to provide mental health coverage. Timothy killed himself in 2001 after Tom and Donna O'Clair had to give up custody of him so he could get publicly funded treatment for emotional problems. How many more must die before our country provides health ... [MORE]

— Michael Gormley, AP
The Buffalo News

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