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Public Schools Trounce Vouchers in Cleveland

Public Schools Trounce Vouchers in Cleveland
(An analysis by ASBA Research Analyst Michael T. Martin)

A major study of the Cleveland Voucher program shows that public school students outperformed voucher students attending private schools in Math, Reading and Language from kindergarten through third grade even though the publi... [MORE]

— Michael T. Martin
Research Analyst

Public Schools Trounce Vouchers in Cleveland
May 2003

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    Wanted: lead study's 1st recruits
    <br><span class="red">Find more hot links on research on lead poisoning <a href="http://susanohanian.org/show_research.php?id=210"> here</a>. <br> <br>Don't miss Michael Martin's extensive research: <a href="http://www.azsba.org/static/index.cfm?action=group&contentID=148"... [MORE]

    Peggy O'Farrell


    Ohio official who manipulated charter-school data helped win federal grant to take over public schools
    <br>Kudos to the <i>Beacon Journal</i> for providing online links to: <br> <br><li>Supporters of the application for school take-over money</li> <br> <br><li>Ohio Department of Education Technical review</li> <br> <br><li>Names of the organizations and publ... [MORE]

    — Doug Livingston
    Beacon Journal

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      Letter to Ohio State Representatives

      Following is a letter that has just been snail mailed to all Ohio state representatives and senators at their home offices. They will be gathering in Columbus in emergency session to approve new legislation that puts them in compliance with NCLB next week. Now might be a good time for any Ohio subscribers to tweak th... [MORE]

      July 30, 2003

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      Ohio Legislature Checks to See Where the Bread Is Buttered Today
      Ohanian Comment: How many politicans can dance on a dollar bill--without tripping over the Business Roundtable?

      COLUMBUS - Sixteen years ago, as lawmakers finished work on the state budget, a state senator put a rider on the massive bill that created proficiency tests -- with no public debate.

      Since t... [MORE]

      — Doug Oplinger and Dennis J. Willard
      staff writers
      Beacon Journal
      Bill lowers standards to get federal money
      May 26, 2003

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      Rally for Children Left Behind
      ... [MORE]

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      Young Offenders Struggle with Learning

      Kay's Comment: This is an educational issue close to my heart. I taught in a juvenile detention center for one year. Approximately 40% of these students had "junk" IEPs which we had to track down, modify, and try to implement without the resources to do so. With a revolving door population and onl... [MORE]

      — Rachel Dissell
      Plain Dealer Reporter
      The Plain Dealer

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