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Oklahomans Say Kids Today Are Better Educated Than They Were

Ohanian comment: Frosty Troy's The Oklahoma Observer is well worth the subscription price. Twenty pages, once a week, packed with crusty insight about and deflation of politicos.

A lack of financial support and adequate teacher pay are the two most serious issues facing the state, according to a statew... [MORE]

The Oklahoma Observer
Poll Shows Citizens Ahead of Politicians
May 25, 2003

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      What Oklahoma Schools Need
      <br><b>Ohanian Comment:</b> Nicole Shobert says she's only kidding with her ed reform suggestion "Give every child a pony." <br> <br>But ohmygod, think about what the kids would learn. And I'm sure a pony would end up being a whole lot cheaper than Common Core. <br> <br>Read on for more ins... [MORE]

      — John Thompson
      Oklahoma Observer

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        School board debates issues surrounding DIBELS test
        <br><span class="red"><b>Ohanian Comment:</b> My Ph.D. physicist husband failed the kindergarten DIBELS test. He speaks five languages and kept arguing with me about pronunciation. I kept saying, "This is a timed test!" but it did no good. <br> <br>Note to Chickasha school board: Primary g... [MORE]

        — Jessica Lane
        The Express-Star Oklahoma

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        President's Initiative to Shake Up Education Is Facing Protests

        Democratic legislators in Oklahoma were so unhappy with President Bush's No Child Left Behind school improvement law that they drafted a resolution calling on Congress to overhaul it. But at the last minute one of the state's most conservative Republicans, State Representative Bill Graves, stepped up with his own suggestion: Tell Congress to ... [MORE]

        — Sam Dillon
        New York Times

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        Diary of the Weary
        ... [MORE]

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