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Rhode Island: Keep Those Kids in the Pipeline

Note: What an image: school children in a pipeline. The question is asked: "How does public education -- K-16 -- operate in service to the public need for a much improved work force?" Our answer should be--why the hell should public schools answer this public need? We--teachers and parents--must keep reminding ourselves: Our... [MORE]

— Julia Steiny
staff writer
Providence Journal
Robust K-16 system key to economy
May 25, 2003

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      2nd Grade Teacher's Resignation
      <br>Stephen Round, second grade teacher of 15 years experience, tried to read his letter of resignation to the Human Resources, Providence RI Public Schools. Not given the opportunity, he reads it on YouTube. <br> <br>So far, 280,000 people have watched it. <br> <br>It tells the story of child abuse that exists ... [MORE]

      — Stephen Round

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        Rhode Island Stiffens NCLB Requirements for Teacher Aides

        Ohanian Comment: Someone hsould ask Sen. Gallo if she also introduced legislation to raise the pay of teachers' aides.

        PROVIDENCE -- Teachers' aides will have to meet a much more rigorous set of criteria if they want to continue to work in the classroom, because of legislation passed by the General Assembl... [MORE]

        — Linda Borg
        staff writer
        Providence Journal
        Teachers' aides face stricter guidelines
        July 4, 2003

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        Most R.I. Parents Choose To Ignore School Choice

        Most R.I. parents choose to ignore school choice
        In Warwick, for example, 375 parents were invited to attend a meeting on school choice this week. Only six families showed up.

        The much-touted Bush administration's school choice plan is not working in Rhode Island. Only a handful of parents have opted to send their children to ... [MORE]

        — Linda Borg

        Most R.I. Parents Choose To Ignore School Choice

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