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Should Course Grades Be Determined by Performance on State Tests?

Ohanian Comment: Not surprising, the reporter misses the point. The question is not whether some teachers grade differently from some other teachers. The question is if you want the state voiding teacher evaluation and requiring schools to match their course grades with the numbers on the state-mandated test. An interesting ... [MORE]

— Diane Long
staff writer
The Tennessean
All grades are not created equal
June 29, 2003


The Ballad of Big Mike

I. Looking for the Next Anti-Lawrence Taylor

As he drove into Memphis in March 2004, Tom Lemming thought that everything about Michael Oher, including his surname, was odd. He played for a small private school, the Briarcrest Christian School, with no history of generating Division I college football talent. The Briarcrest Christian ... [MORE]



Memphis Plans Big Cuts to Pay for Corporate Reform Schools
<span class="red"> <br>This is the kind of research: <br>a) reporters should be doing. <br>b) university researchers should be doing. <br>c) teachers need to act on. <br>d) the public needs to see. <br>e) all of the above. <br> <br>And I'd just like to remind people of the pr... [MORE]

Jim Horn


Nashville Schools Under Attack While Journalists Sleep
<br><b>Ohanian Comment:</b> When the city zoo hires a consultant who specializes in selling rare animal pelts, that information is relevant. So, too, is information about who's in charge of ed deform. Thank you, <a href="https://norinrad10.wordpress.com"> Dad Gone Wild</a> and <a href="http://curmud... [MORE]

— Peter Greene
Curmudgucation blog

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    DIBELS Abuse in Tennessee
    <br><span class="red"><b>Ohanian Comment:</b> I received this message from a Tennessee mom. It is a reminder that DIBELS is still used to abuse children. Richelle Deharde said she is happy for her name to be used. <br><br>I don't see any reason to protect the school system: Davidson County, Metro Nas... [MORE]

    — Richelle Deharde
    personal note

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    Nashville Board Suggests Amendments to NCLB

    The Board unanimously adopted a resolution on September 9 stating its “serious concerns” about some provisions of the Federal “No Child Left Behind” legislation and suggesting seven potential changes. The complete text of that resolution reads:

    Resolution by the Metropolitan Nashville Board of Education Nashville, Tennessee MORE]

    School Board Resolution, Nashville
    September 2003

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    A Tennessee Teacher Speaks Up
    ... [MORE]

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    Students, teachers weigh in, as 'Left Behind' up for renewal

    Kay's Comment: So many issues to debate and so little agreement on any of them ... Perhaps NCLB should not be reauthorized just because it has raised so many questions with so few answers.

    Rebecca Williams feels the impact of the federal No Child Left Behind law every morning when she ge... [MORE]

    — Natalia Mielczarek
    Staff Writer

    School-standards law provokes strong emotions

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