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Texas-style Education Works Against Hispanics

Fewer than half of the Hispanic teenagers who started public high school in Texas in 1997 graduated four years later.

These latest figures from the Intercultural Development Research Association in San Antonio probably did not improve in 2002, and probably will not improve in 2003. In fact, the way things are going in Texas,... [MORE]

— Tony P. Martinez & Alison P. Martinez
Houston Chronicle
Texas-style Education Works Against Hispanics
September 20, 2002


What Eight Knows

My eight year old read Twenty and Ten a couple of weeks ago. Twenty and Ten is a 3rd-grade reading level chapter book, and as gentle an introduction to the subject of the Holocaust as you're likely to find in all of children's literature.

Let me tell you about Eight. He is my literalist child, the super-judgmental r... [MORE]



Report Questions How Schools Mete Out Discipline
<br><span class="red">The <a href="http://justicecenter.csg.org/resources/juveniles"> report</a>, which is very disturbing, is easy-to-read online. Anyone who cares about the future well-being of communities, should care about the situation where nearly 6 in 10 students is suspended during their school ... [MORE]

Morgan Smith


Mute the Messenger
<br><span class="red">Prof. Walter Stroup had caught the government using a bathroom scale to measure a student's height.</span> <br> <br><b>Ohanian Comment:</b> <br>In appreciation for this article I have <a href="https://secure.texasobserver.org/civicrm/contribute/transact?re... [MORE]

— Jason Stanford
The Texas Observer

  Resisters' Letters  

By David Marshak, Associate Professor, Seattle University
To the editor
Rod Paige, the secretary of Education, points to his achievements as superintendent of the Houston Independent School District (HISD) as evidence that relentless testing as required by the No Child Left Behind Act will improve the education of all children ("Accountability's the key to revitalizing our schools," guest commentary, May 13). ... [MORE]

Seattle Times

  NCLB Atrocities  

NCLB Law Based on Texas Education System (In case you hadn't noticed)
FORT WORTH - State and local education officials say Texas is already ahead of other states that will have to meet new federal requirements or be forced to pay for tutoring and transportation for students from low-performing schools.

The No Child Left Behind law is largely based on Texas' education system.

"That's the beauty a... [MORE]

— Gustavo Reveles Acosta
staff writer
Texas Schools in Good Position
Jan. 14, 2002

  NCLB News  

No Child Left Behind: Texas Style

States ranked by percent of children without health insurance, from worst to best, based on Kids Count report released Wednesday by the Annie E. Casey Foundation:

1. Texas, 22 percent;
2. New Mexico, 21 percent;
3. (tie) Arizona and Louisiana, 18 percent;
5. (tie) Montana and Nevada, 17 percent; ... [MORE]

— Polly Ross Hughes
staff writer
Houston Chronicle
Texas ranked at bottom in insuring kids
June 11, 2003

  NCLB In Your Face  

Kinky Friedman: Why the Hell Not?
... [MORE]

  Special Needs News  

Dyslexic Students Offered TAKS Help

Kay's Comments: Visit my educational site for more information about testing accommodations by state.... [MORE]

Houston Chronicle

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