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How Much Math Does a Teacher Need? How Much Writing Ability?

The Vermont Board of Education will gear up this fall to review data on the teacher testing program that the state launched almost three years ago to help ensure that people entering the field know their stuff.

When the benchmark study of the program is complete it is expected to show that about 70 percent of people who take the P... [MORE]

— Molly Walsh
Burlington Free Press
Teacher Testing Up for Review
July 6, 2003


No happy endings
<br>In the movies bad situations exist largely to provide motivation for the plot: single father with mental disabilities tries to raise his child as a single parent; he struggles against the system but calls upon his pluck, eccentric circle of friends, and love of the Beatles to overcome the odds. Even though the child is given to a foster h... [MORE]



Poverty is No. 1 driver of education achievement gap
<br><span class="red"> <b> posted at VT Digger:</b> William Mathis makes critical points. We should be very wary launching a huge effort to line up behind the U. S. Department of Education’s standardization plans before we look at the very real needs of Vermont students. The needs of families seeking help... [MORE]

William J. Mathis


Middlebury College to Say Adieu to an Online Venture
<br><b>Ohanian Comment:</b> People wondered why an institution of such repute as Middlebury would align with an outfit like K12. Of course it was all about money. <br> <br>At least the Middlebury faculty 'no conficence' vote seemed to have effect. When did teacher 'no confidence' ever effect policy? <br> &l... [MORE]

— Molly Walsh
Seven Days

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    Another School Victim of NCLB: Feds Say Recent Immigrants Must take State Tests

    Ohanian Comment: One-by-one reporters are beginning to tell the story about what's going to happen to successful schools under NCLB. Even the state chief Standardisto Christie says the federal requirement that recent immigrants must take state tests "irrational." Now will Rod Paige call him a whiner? Prediction: The ... [MORE]

    — Rosalind S. Helderman
    staff writer
    Washington Post
    Law Redefines Va.'s Approach To SOL Exams
    July 4, 2003

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    Four Vermont Schools Opt Out of NCLB
    Four of the six Vermont schools that faced a second year of being stamped as academic weaklings under the federal No Child Left Behind Act have dodged that fate.

    They didn't escape by posting higher test scores and meeting progress goals, as the law intends. Test scores for the 2002-2003 school year won't be released until next month, a... [MORE]

    — Molly Walsh
    Burlington Free Press
    Four Vt. schools opt out of federal program

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    Feds Hijacking Local Schools!
    ... [MORE]

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    The Voices of Their Children

    By Carolyn Lorié

    Special education wasn't part of the plan.

    When Lisa and Kelly Linton's second son, Jeffrey, was born they could not have anticipated that one day Jeffrey would be a 14-year-old sixth-grader with a one-on-one aide, a speech therapist, an occupational therapist and a special education teacher, who al... [MORE]

    — Carolyn Lorié
    Valley News

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