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Wall Street Journal Loses School Board Race

Look at the array of supporters who will line up for vouchers--and then vow not to shop at WalMart.

It’s not often that the Wall Street Journal goes to bat for a local school board candidate — and loses. But that’s exactly what happened on April 1 in Milwaukee. A plethora of corporate and right... [MORE]

— Bob Peterson
5th grade teacher and RS editor
Rethinking Schools
Wall Street Journal Loses School Board Race
Summer 2003

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    Learning the Fitzwalkerstan Way: Wisconsin's Walker Pushes Privatization of Education
    <br><span class="red">This is the kind of Action Research we need. Would that a few more academics who know something about public schools would follow Nichols' lead. <br> <br>Reader comments on the blog website show once again how few commenters can address the issue at hand.</span> <br> <br&g... [MORE]

    John Nichols


    How Publicly Subsidizing Private Schools is Destroying Community Schools
    With the public subsidy of private school in Milwaukee poised to spread statewide, it's time to take a close look. <br> <br><b>by Todd Alan Price</b> <br> <br>Over twenty years ago, a group of education policymakers and politicians came together and created a fundamentally flawed policy of providing a public ... [MORE]

    — Todd Alan Price

      Resisters' Letters  

    By Eldon Lee
    To the editor
    Sure enough, children are being left behind Regarding the March 8 article "MPS trims summer school," this new law not only trims summer school, but is trimming the hopes and dreams of children everywhere. In all its hypocrisy, the "No Child Left Behind" law leaves yet another 12,000 children behind by eliminating them from Milwaukee's summer s... [MORE]

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

      NCLB Atrocities  

    Feds Decree How Milwaukee Public Schools Must Spend Money

    Ohanian comment: How long will it take for locales to revolt and refuse to continue marching to the No Child Left Behind drumbeat?

    MPS tutoring, a part of Bush education law, at half capacity

    Thousands of Milwaukee children may not be in summer school this year because their school distri... [MORE]

    — Sarah Carr
    staff writer
    Journal Sentinel
    After draining summer school funds, program goes begging
    May 31, 2003

      NCLB News  

    Wisconsin New Plan: Proficiency Is In the Interpretation

    The percentage of Wisconsin fourth-, eighth- and 10th-graders considered academically proficient is expected to jump sharply in many instances, particularly in eighth-grade and 10th-grade math, when state test data is released in several weeks.

    That will be true whether there is any improvement in the actual performance of students... [MORE]

    — Alan J. Borsuk
    staff writer
    Journal Sentinel
    Reforms in test scoring may make state students look better But more schools may be targeted for improvement
    June 10, 2003

      NCLB In Your Face  

    NCLB testing runs contrary to research available
    ... [MORE]

      Special Needs News  

    Educators: Cuts Hurting All Students, Including Special Education

    Kay's Comment: The 15- year-old student in WI who is accused in the Sept. 29 shooting death of Principal Klang at his school, received all appropriate help in his special education classes, school officials said. But, did he receive help in his general education classes and beyond the classroom such as ... [MORE]

    — Associated Press
    The Miami Herald

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