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New Push Seeks to End Need for Pre-College Remedial Classes
<br><span class="red"><b>Ohanian Comment:</b> Who's kidding whom? Colleges have always complained about the quality of the students. A friend of mine had to take "dumbbell" English when she didn't pass the entrance test for regular college English. At that time, San Francisco State University required ... [MORE]

— Sam Dillon
New York Times

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          No Child Left Behind Is at Fulcrum of Education Debate

          BERKELEY COUNTY, W.Va. -- Four years ago, Republican George W. Bush used his advocacy for a new public schools testing regime to highlight what he called his "compassionate conservatism" approach to government, while Democrat Al Gore promised to build on a Clinton administration initiative to reduce class size.

          But that was before ... [MORE]

          — Bruce Alpert
          Newhouse News Service

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              Education Conference Future in Doubt

              Kay's Comment: In Kanawha County, WV, there's no money for a 15-year-old, beneficial, well-attended conference for parents of exceptional students and low-income students or their teachers, but there is money for administrators to travel to CA and Russia. Enough said.

              By Anna L. Mallory... [MORE]

              — Anna L. Mallory
              Staff Writer
              The Charleston Gazette
              Lack of funding threatens annual workshop for parents, teachers

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