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The Best Way to Work for Change Is to WORK for Change

Susan Notes: Here is a remarkable story of one woman getting things done. More than a decade ago, this website's premier cartoonist, Georgia Hedrick, launched a years-long campaign to gain recognition for Sarah Winnemucca, a Pauite teacher and activist from Nevada. Each state has the right to two statues in the National Statuary Hall, and since Nevada had only one, Georgia launched a campaign to honor Sarah.

Last week, Georgia made a pilgrimage to Washington, D. C., where Sarah is now enshrined in the National Statuary Hall. You can see both heroines -- Georgia is the one who's kneeling --
and read more of the inspiring story

In Georgia's own words:

in 1991, I found a book in the Central Library written by a Paiute woman named Sarah Winnemucca. I read it. Published in 1883, it told a story first hand of the situation the Paiutes suffered and what Sarah did about it.

She was amazing.

I was teaching 4th grade then and I wanted to celebrate her 100th anniversary of death, 1891. I learned that NO ONE and I mean NO ONE --but the Paiute tribe here--knew about her. We did what we could through 4th grade history study to make Sarah known.

However, when we tried to get a statue of Sarah in Washington DC, zilch. (We were due our second statue to represent Nevada.) Back then, I didn't know politics or how to do anything with government. I tried. But I was just one person. Finally, I joined the Nevada Women's History Group, and over time, they realized who Sarah was and what she did for Nevada. We met with Senator Reid, finally, in 2002 in his office here in Reno, and told him what we wanted. Even he didn't know the process to get Sarah to Washington. We explained it.

After talking to Reod, the resolution gets passed, the money gets raised (far in excess of what was needed by the way) and Sarah goes to Washington this March 9, 2005.

What I wanted and dreamed of in 1991, is happening in 2005--14 years later. I credit Senator Reid for the parting of the waters to let it happen.

As Eric Crump, noble webmaster for good causes, wrote, "The best way to work for change is to work for change!"

— Georgia Hedrick



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