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Metropolitan Diary

Susan Notes: Anyone who knows me knows that my favorite part of the New York Times is the Metropolitan Diary section that runs every Monday, wherein snippets of life in the City are offered. The August 8 edition offered this classic. I humbly submit that anyone who wants to work in schools should be asked to reflect and comment on the wonders that are revealed about children in this small snippet. Moreover, any corporate-politico Standardisto clone who wants to pontificate on public schools should be required to explain what wonders are revealed about children in this small snippet. What wonders are revealed? The answer is in the heart and soul of the beholder. And the answer reveals a whole lot about pedagogy and practice.

Dear Diary:

I took my 3-year-old son, Martin, to see the Mets at Shea Stadium recently. It was an all-day affair as we rode two subway lines from Brooklyn to Queens, saw the three-hours-plus game (Mets won!) and then headed back for home. We had outfitted ourselves in Mets gear and, of course, we each had baseball gloves for foul balls.

Martin likes baseball, but of course at his young age doesn't understand much of what transpires in a game.

When we returned home, weary but satisfied, my wife eagerly awaited us, saying to Martin: "How was the game? Did you have fun?"

Martin paused, then stated matter-of-factly, "I had fun, Mom, but I didn't play the game because the Mets never threw me the ball."

— Jonas Nachsin
New York Times


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