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Fine Words from a Test Refuser

Susan Notes:

I heard about this Colorado high school student's brave stand--and her wonderful riposte and asked her mother if I might repeat the story. Acknowledging that so many people are afraid to have their names mentioned with any hint of high stakes testing dissatisfaction, I offered to leave off names, if necessary.

Isn't this mom's statement of pride and admiration wonderful?

Here's her mother's response:

Thank you! Kayla was delighted to read your email. I truly admire her attitude to stand up for what she believes in. She wants "them" to know that it's about beliefs and facts not just skipping a test.

She said that you are welcome to use her name, and you can use mine.

Your request is a validation that she is being heard and what she is standing up for is supported by as many adults as those who try to
punish her verbally. I am very proud of her.

Over these last many years, it would have been easier to give in to peer pressure to just
take the test. However, she has put up with some verbally abusive treatment and has never given in. She takes the opportunity to educate
other students when they ask why she is not taking the test.

Thank you,

Christina Elmore

Here it is CSAP week and my daughter getting the normal abusive treatment for not taking it. She stood up for her self yesterday and literally silenced an administrator. Thought I’d share. She was scolded for not doing any school work in the library during the CSAP testing time. She was not provided with anything to do, and had no homework to work on so was doing some fashion design (her passion and future career goal... sounds productive to me).

Principal: “Everyone else in this school is doing school work, you should be too.”

Kayla: “Everyone in this school is doing government work, not schoolwork.”

The principal moved on.

— Christina Elmore and Kayla


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