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Help Save Florida's Public Schools!

Susan Notes: This animated cartoon against the FCAT will knock your socks off. No kidding. (The url below links to the cartoon.)

It is sponsored by Max Linn. Who's Max Linn? Take a look.

Florida's "New Third Party" Is Here!
To Join Forces Call (727) 347-8784

Just when you thought that we the Florida voters had no choice other than Tweedledees and Tweedledums (the current Republican and Democratic candidates) for the November 7th, 2006 Governors race the "Florida Citizens' Third Party Dream Team" are starting their engines. With your support, we will bring your interests - not special interests - to Tallahassee for a change. Our Founding Fathers were unanimous on the importance of citizen legislators, not career politicians. For the first time Florida has a third choice other than the same old Republican and Democratic mainstream parties.

Max Linn's Baloney Speech

Election after election career politicians like Charlie Crist and Jim Davis raise tens of millions of dollars to tell you what a difference they are going to make if we elect them to office one more time. Yet we know that they are the ones who created this mess. Charlie Crist has been in elected office for over twenty years. He was the education commissioner and, as Attorney General, he was a member of the Florida cabinet representing insurance interests. Yet today he's telling us how he's going to improve education and the insurance crisis.

Jim Davis missed more votes than anyone else in Congress but he did show up to vote for the Patriot Act, which in my opinion is in direct opposition to our Bill Of Rights and Constitution. He also voted against allowing the purchase of drugs from Canada at a lower cost.

You see, my friends, career politicians who do little other than run for one office after another cannot understand our issues and needs because they are living under a totally different set of rules. (Charlie Crist has never even owned a home or paid an insurance bill.) Our experiences and hardships are not theirs. After they're elected they go back to Tallahassee and represent their true constituents - the lobbyists, special interests and the government bureaucracy itself.

For me it's one word - and it's not like the French pate they have at their fundraisers. The word is BALONEY.

So the next time you see one of their TV spots suggesting they're best at managing your money -
Just say BALONEY.

And the next time you hear them say they are going to improve education -
Just say BALONEY.

And the next time they say they're going to fix the insurance crisis --
Just say BALONEY.

Folks, with all that baloney I think we might just have enough for a sandwich that all Floridians - not just the lobbyists, special interests and big corporations - can get a bite of.

Too many times the professional politicians represent government and not you and me - the citizens of Florida.

So the next time one of those perfect looking professional politicians makes another campaign promise... and takes you for granted, just because you're a member of their Republican or Democratic party, you can tell them Max says....BALONEY!!!

— animated Cartoon
Max Linn for Governor


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