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Bilingual Picture Books

Susan Notes:

These bilingual picture books are by our own cartoonist, Georgia Hedrick. Here is the enthusiastic review by a teacher using the books with children.

My student directly from Mexico and another
ESL student have been reading your book with our ESL teacher. Both students read below grade
level in English and are still
acquiring the sounds of our alphabet and word patterns. The two students read one
page at a time, the English part first, then the Spanish. Of course, they're more successful
reading the spanish version. The ESL teacher says it's great, because

1) they're understanding the content better
after reading the Spanish version,

2) they have the opportunity to read in their
first language, which most books don't offer,

3) they're learning the English with the

4) they're having fun!

Thanks a bunch for donating your book
to our classroom. I will continue to let other students take the book home to read with their
parents and relay back to me how it goes.

The Books

SARAH'S STORY is an all color, 64 page book, with paired pages written in Spanish and English. It is told from Sarah's point of view. Her story is one of a Native American woman who learned to live with and to battle with words the invasion of the European and the broken promises. She begins her life around 1844 as a 'hunter-gatherer' with no written language; she grows to be a woman of 5 languages and writing in 2 of them. She grows to learn injustice and she fights it with every word she can muster. She lectures from coast to coast, she visits the President, and she testifies before Congress to pled for homes and blankets and land. She writes and had published the first book ever by a Native American woman in 1883. She begins the first bilingual school for Piute children in Lovelock Nevada, supported by Eastern friends she had made. It was successful so the BIA closed it. She died broken hearted at age 48. It took Nevada 116 years to make Sarah Winnemucca its second statue in Washington, DC's Statuary Hall.

ISBN# 978-0-9798611-0-9 $16.00
Exact same book, bilingually written, but, pictures in all black and white with color covers, ISBN#978-0-9798611-3-0 $7.06

Growing up with injustice all around him, Cesar made a choice to fight it. But he choose to fight it, nonviolently, and used the method of organizing a Union as the way. Slowly, working with farmworkers up and down the California fields, he spread his message of 'si se puede!' Yes we can! He gave courage and 'heart' to those who had only endured the injustice before. Thus was the UFW born.
ISBN#978-0-9798611-1-6 $17.50

Black and White version, with same interior drawings, Color covers,
WORKBOOK ON JOURNEY TO JUSTICE:Memories of the Elders Among Us The approach is: where were you when all this fighting for justice was happening.
ISBN# 978-0-8611979-4-7 $8.00

A teacher's book for celebrating the efforts of Cesar Chavez. It is a presentation of how to make a banner, and of DE COLORES (in both Spanish and English) the song that every child who speaks Spanish knows well. There are also piggy-backed songs on Justice, written by the author--in Spanish and English.
Black and white interior, color covers, easily reproducible.
ISBN# 978-0-9798611-6-1 $5.99

— Georgia Hedrick


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