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Kudos to the Coalition for Better Education

Susan Notes:

Here is this bulletin from Don Perl, reporting on the Coalition for Better Education's pilgrimage to Denver to testify on a bill to remove penalties to schools for students who opt out of CSAP, the state standardized test.

by Don Perl

Well, we're back from our "march on the capitol" on the first day of spring. There are a number of sisters and brothers to thank here. I hope I mention everyone. Eleven-year-old Elizabeth and her mom Kathi drove down with us. Elizabeth was a part of the press release that took place on the west side of the capitol. Elizabeth also wrote notes of personal experience with CSAP that Senator Sue Windels read before the Senate Education Committee.

Also testifying from the heart and articulately were John McCluskey, Pat Kennedy, Conny Jensen, Laura Manuel, Crysti Oliver, Sheyanne Lang, yours truly, and of course our scholar and organizer, Angela Engel.

Sheyanne Lang and her family drove from the western slope and arrived on time despite a car breakdown. Sheyanne delivered a part of a speech that she had given a couple of weeks earlier in class. She spoke brilliantly of how her peers are so alienated by this testing regimen, and that she is one of few who challenges herself to go beyond the mindnumbing rituals that school has become.
And now, the outcome, from sister Angela:
Thank you all for your extraordinary testimony today. Someone asked me to describe this afternoon's events and I replied, "picture a children's parade." As you all made your way to the witness stand I pictured children on shoulders, holding hands, waving balloons, and skipping. You've accomplished something great today. You brought our children to life in the legislature.

HB1186 passed in the Senate severely amended 4-3.

HB1357 passed in the House 7-6.

— Don Perl


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