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A Message from Carl Chew

Susan Notes:

Visit Carl's website and marvel in his wonderful stamps and rugs.

Read the Press Release describing his resistance.

Watch an extended interview where Carl explains his stance.

by Carl Chew

To All of You Who Are Sending Me Warm Wishes:

Thank you so much!

When I first decided to refuse giving the WASL my 14 year-old daughter spoke to me. "Yay, my revolutionary papa! But remember, no one should try to do something like this in a vacuum. Rosa Parks did not just sit on that bus by herself. She had hundreds if not thousands of people backing her up and giving her courage. Go out and let people know what you are doing so you don't feel alone."

Just another example of what I experience everyday as a teacher--we have got to listen to our children.

Many of you have offered to contribute to my lost wages. What an amazing gesture, and one I did not even expect. I appreciate your generosity immensely. What I would like you to do instead is pledge that offering to an organization in your area that is fighting this testing nonsense. Every little bit we do to pull together brings this sad chapter of draconian education to a closer end.

Part of being civilly disobedient is accepting the consequences gracefully. Of course I would rather be in my classroom with my fabulous students, but I was prepared to go as far down the consequence road as the school district and state office of public instruction wanted to travel. I think in many respects that helped us be victorious in this. When the folks who have a great need to be in control see someone stand up and not flinch or get angry, they simply do not know what to do.


Carl Chew



— Carl Chew
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