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Doug Ward, A Teacher We Can Be Proud to Call Colleague

Susan Notes:

You remember the story. A North Carolina refused to administer inappropriate tests to his students with disabilities and was suspended. We have it on good authority that the State Superintendent was involved in the decision to suspend Doug, to warn off others from standing up, too. The large amount of media attention really worried them also, so they made an example of Doug.

by Doug Ward

My main issue was the how the test I was supposed to give to my students was not valid and was symptomatic of how our society treats people with severe disabilities--as second class citizens who should just be hidden away and segregated from everyone else! I've found that my students are really master spiritual teachers who need to be integrated with their peers in order to help us evolve past our strictly materialistic values and mindset! I also thought this specific test also proved the fallacy of NCLB being successful especially for students with disabilities, so I might be able to get the administration or school board to take a stand on behalf of these students. But their programming to blindly follow orders and the letter of the law was stronger than their logic, common sense, and sense of true justice and compassion.

I want to assure people that financially I'm doing OK. I encourage people to donate time or money to helping families with students with severe disabilities and helping end the segregation of these students in their local schools!!

Thank for your support! The support here has been absolutely overwhelming! There have been 5 supportive editorials in 4 area papers--including 2 in the Asheville Citizen Times which is the big paper in the area. I've also seen over 15 letters to the editor in area papers-all supportive! My wife and daughter have given me it seems like a hundred messages from people in the community and the schools who are fully behind me. I've also had many people contact me through e-mail for support and I've even received cards in the mail from parents in other counties thanking me!

Doug Ward
306 Fred Sutton Rd
Whittier, NC 28789


— Doug Ward


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