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Here's a Book That Will Answer Your Questions AND Offer Suggestions for Positive Action

Susan Notes: Buy this book.

There are many reasons to read Elaine Garan's new book, In Defense of Our Children: When Politics, Profit, and Education Collide. What Every Parent, Teacher, and Taxpayer Needs to Know (Heinemann 2004).

Using her renown expertise, Elaine cuts through the crap and lets readers knows which corporations are getting ahead in the name of scientific research, and why many children are left behind in all the corporate politico hoopla.

After cutting through the obfuscating rhetoric and explaining what's really going on, Elaine suggests lots of things parents and teachers can do besides whine or act like victims. And here's how the book ends.

There is one more thing you can do that will help. Take one dollar (or more), put it in an envelope, and send it to

The World of Opportunity
7429 Georgia Road
Birmingham, AL 35212

Why should I do that?

There are teachers and parents who want to do something to help fight the high-stakes testing, the federal mandates, and all the rest of the "reforms," but they are scattered and don't have the time or the means to get organized in a big way. WOO is a little group that is organized and helps kids in lots of ways. It helps those kids who were pushed out of school and it campaigns and lobbies to fight high-stakes testing and mandates. This is a nonprofit organization, so your one dollar (or more) is tax deductib.e Susan Ohanian reads all the notes she receives and she shares them with many of the kids the WOO helps so they can see all the people who cared enough to do this. My mom sent money and so did my daughter in my little granddaughter's name. I'm quite proud of that.

One last question. Many teachers are discouraged to the point of despair. In fact, many wonderful teachers are leaving the profession. Do you have any final words of encouragement to keep us from giving up?

Yes. Watch Seabiscuit.

Buy the book. Send a dollar (or more) to the WOO.

— Susan Ohanian
Buy This Book


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