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Season's Greetings from the Fugees Family

Susan Notes:

This letter comes from Coach Luma, who founded a remarkable program to aid families who are refugees from war-torn countries. You can read how it started at the url below. We can all be inspired by someone who keeps lighting candles rather than curse the darkness.

Dear Friend,

Two years ago, around this time, I had a boy who didn't believe in Santa. In fact, he didn't know who Santa was.

"Coach is Santa real?" he asked.

"Yes, Santa is real," I replied.

"How come I have never seen him before?" he questioned.

"Well, he comes when you can't see him, when you are sleeping, and when you've been good." I answered.

"Maybe he just doesn't come to Africa," he decided.

Later that week this little Fugee, barely 12 years old, called and asked if we could go see Santa, claiming that some of his friends at school had seen him.

His 17-year-old brother joined us, teasing him the entire drive, saying that Santa was not real. They were arguing as we walked into the mall. Suddenly the little Fugee saw Santa. He gasped and grabbed onto my leg.

"He's real coach, he's real."

We got in line to talk to Santa and the little Fugee proclaimed to his brother, "I told you he's real." I expected a smart response back, but there was only silence as the older brother stared at Santa for a few minutes. Then a smile formed and he nodded his head. "He is real."

The little Fugee then sat on Santa's lap and asked for his Christmas gifts. I went up to Santa when he was finished and asked him for the Fugee's list hoping that I could get him something from his list. Santa looked at me and said, "He asked for a jacket for his brother, who now believes in Santa. He asked for a small toy for himself, because he knows I don't like PlayStations. And a new job for his mother, so that she could spend more time at home."

It was the second time that week that this boy left me at a loss for words.

In the holiday season we sometimes forget that Santa lives in the spirit of giving, that there are those with less than what we have, and that Santa can be real for our kids.

I ask for you this holiday season to give a donation to the Fugees, in your name or as a gift in honor of someone else. And I thank you with a prayer for peace on earth and thankfulness for the joy of little people in our world.

With deepest gratitude,

Coach Luma and the Fugees

p.s. please forward this email to all your friends and family this holiday season.

To Make your holiday Donation online Click here.
or mail your checks to Fugees Family,
P.o.box 388, Scottdale, GA 30079

— Coach Luma
Fugees Family



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